The following property transfers were recorded in the Fayette County Recorder of Deeds office between June 21 and June 28.

Bullskin Township

Raymond Bachner and Debra Travis to James Henschel Jr., for $7,800


Steven Rugg to Jerome Switch Jr., for $107,500

Tyler Hough to Rachel Fremd, for $120,000

Mamoon Rasheed to Kenneth Van Sickle, for $140,000

Connellsville Township

RSC Dev. LLC to Daniel Arnold, for $115,000


David Phillips to Meghan McClain, for $92,000

Dunbar Township

Barbara Glunt to Mark Riggin, for $500

Mark Riggin to Joseph Glunt, for $2,000


Richard Clark to William Vick IV, for $28,000

Black Diamond II LLC to Kevin Barnhart, for $235,000

Franklin Township

Donald Leone to Tiffany Over, for $152,000

Georges Township

Edward Voithofer Jr. to Amanda Barnhart-Phares, for $100,000

Edward Voithofer Jr. to Amanda Barnhart-Phares, for $150,000

German Township

Black Diamond II LLC to Wanda Shutz and Melissa Planiczka, for $275,000

Henry Clay Township

Lawrence Hartman Jr. to Leslie Bates II, for $69,500

Joseph Hazel to Jacob Johnston, for $170,000

Thomas Murray to Andrew Stabler, for $30,000

Luzerne Township

Joseph Gaydos to Roger Campbell Jr., for $57,500

Hawkeye Property Management LLC to Joseph Black Sr., for $7,000

Menallen Township

Peter Pasquale to Michelle Hendricks, for $205,000

North Union Township

Somerset Trust Co. to G&B Real Estate Holdings LLC, for $20,000

Stanley Moody to Kakageldy Kuliyev, for $200,000

Dash Uniontown LLC to Paula Brozik, for $314,000


Matthew Leachman to Lou Muccioli, for $300,000

Point Marion

Gerald Capan Sr. to Robert Delansky, for $1,500

Redstone Township

Roger Campbell Jr. to Timothy Lipscomb Jr., for $106,000

South Union Township

Eric and Amy Weiss to James and Jennifer Sollosi, for $233,000

Wells Fargo Bank & Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust to Graevel Holdings LLC, for $37,500.00

Christopher DiConcilis to Ronald Simon and Lindsey Simon-Jones, for $300,000


Shirley Mundel to Julia Oravets and Chynna El-Ayazra, for $40,000

Jeanne Unice to Red Door Holdings LLC, for $148,000

J. Harry Johnston to Jennifer Jordan, for $100,000

Redev. Auth of Uniontown City to Timothy Mahoney Sr. & Patrick Mahoney, for $20,000

Upper Tyrone Township

RSC Development LLC to Tyler and Sara Hough, for $167,500.00

Washington Township

Joseph Hazy to Michael Hazy, for $60,000

Joseph Hazy to Henry Robbins Jr., for $155,000

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