The following property transfers have been recorded in the Greene County Recorder of Deeds office the week of July 15.

Cumberland Township

Brandi Milostan to Khedive Holdings LLC, for $80,335

George A. Reiss, Jr., Estate aka George A. Reiss Estate to Cecil W. Reiss, for $145,000

Dunkard Township

Lindsey J. Fortkamp aka Lindsey J. Yost to Tammy Stajnrajh, for $100,000

Franklin Township

Rex Allen Carson, et al., to Kaylynn Fazenbaker, for $70,000

Andrew T. Bennett aka Andrew Bennett to Patrick C. Morris, for $290,000

William J. Okuley Estate aka Bill Okuley Estate to James H. Mason, for $285,000

John A. Throckmorton to Collin John, for $1,100,000

Freeport Township

Gratta J. Lohr to Zachary Debolt, for $50,000

Greene Township

Linda M. Wigington to Nathan R. Caldwell, for $30,000

Monongahela Township

Renee D. Gall to Jill Rankin, for $220,000

Morgan Township

Lucille V. Policz to Todd M. Ely, for $87,000

Samuel D. Smith to 240 2nd Street Trust, for $1,000

Edward L. Black Estate to Robert C. Gardner II, for $185,000

Betty S. Nichols Estate to William C. Schamp, for $30,000

Carrie L. Davis to Jennifer M. Fletcher, for $67,500

Washington Township

John C. McNay to Joseph Robert Monica III, for $8,400

Waynesburg Borough

Robin Thomas to Betty J. Lannan, for $150,000

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