Area health care providers recently got a boost with a donation of N95 protective masks to strengthen their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

MSA Safety recently donated 65,000 N95 protective masks to health care providers across the region, including Excela Health, Monongahela Valley Hospital and Washington Health System.

Centerville Clinics received several hundred of the N95 protective masks, according to Centerville Clinics Executive Director Barry Niccolai, who said the masks would help the clinics as they continue to provide COVID-19 screening.

Niccolai said that Centerville Clinics has the testing materials, masks, gloves and other equipment on-hand to meet the escalating need for COVID-19 screening, adding that staff members working on supply-chain issues have been working diligently to make sure they have the appropriate supplies.

Centerville Clinics has been screening and testing patients considered at risk for COVID-19 at three respiratory clinics: Uniontown Family Doctors, the Joseph A. Yablonski Memorial Clinic in Centerville and Washington Family Doctors.

“We want to do our part in helping … hospitals, emergency rooms from being overwhelmed by our patients who may be ill but not needing hospital care yet,” Niccolai said.

Centerville Clinics has implemented a telehealth option for all 13 of its locations that will allow its health care providers to help patients via telephone or a secure video chat service. A telephone call option is available for patients without access to a computer and/or internet service or aren’t comfortable with the video chat option, according to Centerville Clinics. All remaining patients who require an office visit will be counseled on how to navigate the office safely, with single-use masks and waiting room chairs spaced six feet apart to be the standard for all patients seeing their provider in person.

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