Fayette County COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic


Now, residents who wish to get the vaccine in Fayette County may call 724-430-3900 to schedule an appointment. Online appointments can also still be secured through the county registry at fayettecountypa.org.

The Fayette County COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force has added a call center for residents to make vaccination appointments by phone.

Now, residents who wish to get the vaccine may call 724-430-3900 to schedule an appointment.

The call center arrives at a good time, as those in Phase 1B of the vaccine rollout are now eligible to start scheduling appointments.

Muriel Nuttall, executive director of the Fayette Chamber of Commerce and co-chair of the task force, said residents now have the option to register through the website or by calling. The call center will be open between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

When the call center is closed, Nuttall said they encourage residents to go to fayettecountypa.org to complete an individual registration. She said registrations will be sent to the call bank, and calls will be returned within 72 hours.

Commissioner Chairman Dave Lohr said the vaccine registration process has been successful and efficient. The added call center will allow an even easier path for residents to register.

“When this first started, our phones were ringing off the hook with people wanting to register; and we’re still getting calls, but the volume has decreased significantly,” he said. “In my opinion, this is a shining example of collaboration at its best; with the task force including entities that run the gamut from public to private, for-profit to nonprofit, and everyone in between.”

Currently, all residents in Phase 1B may schedule vaccination appointments. On April 12, those in Phase 1C will be eligible, followed by open registration for all Pennsylvanians starting April 19.

For more information about the Fayette County COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force or to register to receive a vaccination, visit fayettecountypa.org.

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