Kentuck Knob

Courtesy of Kentuck Knob

Kentuck Knob (shown above) has reopened for tours.

After a five-month hiatus, Kentuck Knob in Fayette County has opened back up for business.

Timothy Fischer, the tour manager with Frank Lloyd Wright’s House on Kentuck Knob in Chalk Hill, said the tourism destination was closed on March 15 because it was the safest thing that could be done to the property in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before they closed their doors, Fischer said they only had one week of operations because they normally close every January and February because of the harsh mountain weather conditions.

During the three-month closure, Fischer said they made changes like removing any kind of obstacles and clutter that would create human traffic jams; in addition, plexiglass screens were installed in certain areas.

There were also changes to the tours.

First, Fischer said they had to cut the number of people to under 50% capacity as a regular guided tour now includes six people at a time where it previously had 14 people at a time.

The new walk-through tour is a 35-minute guided tour of the exterior and partial interior of the house, as Fischer said some of the smaller rooms offered no chance of social distancing for a group of six.

“They’re not seeing the entire house,” he said. “Folks seem to be really receptive to that, to at least see a part of the house.”

Other options include an in-depth house tour, which is a 75-minute guided tour of the exterior and interior of Kentuck Knob, giving an extended interpretation of the house and its history. That tour is limited to four guests at a time.

The other option is called the Woodland Walks, which is a self-guided tour of the wooded trail, the exterior of the house and the many sculptures that surround it.

Fischer said the walk-through tours have been reduced in price from $25 to $20 while the other tours vary in price.

“People have been responding to that well,” Fischer said.

Guests are required to make reservations in advance to control the amount of people on the property at any given time, and must wear masks, practice social distancing, not touch any surfaces unless necessary and must have a non-invasive temperature check before the tour begins.

Fischer said Kentuck Knob reopened on June 13, and numbers have started to grow.

“Things are steadily getting better as time goes by,” Fischer said, adding that they’ve been seeing many local folks that had canceled vacations and wanted to explore area attractions. “We’re looking forward to July 4 weekend being the best one yet.”

For more information on Kentuck Knob, call 724-329-1901 or visit

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