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Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine removes her mask before a September news conference in Harrisburg.

The state health secretary Tuesday strengthen her mask mandate and took other measures to address the surge in COVID-19 cases following dire warnings from the federal government about the spread of the virus.

State Health Sec. Dr. Rachel Levine called on hospitals to prepare for predictions that intensive care unit beds may be at capacity by December.

“Hospitals need to be working now to review and prepare...,” Levine said during a media call Tuesday afternoon.

She took other measures that require people traveling into Pennsylvania to have a negative test result for the virus within 72 hours of arriving, and recommend colleges test all students before they return to campus from a break. Those traveling for medical appointments or work are exempt.

Pennsylvania experienced another record-setting number of new COVID-19 cases Tuesday when 5,900 new cases were reported.

Washington County reported 117 new cases, the largest one-day increase, taking its total to 3,223. Fayette County added 34 new cases to its total that climbed to 1,428. Greene County’s case-count increased by seven bringing its total to 473. There were no new deaths reported in the three counties.

Levine said she tightened her masking order to address those who refuse to wear them in businesses.

“In the end the people will see the consequences of their actions,” Levine said.

She said the White House coronavirus task force warned Tuesday the virus has become “aggressive and unrelenting,” and that the situation will deteriorate further. It also warned current mitigation to slow the spread of the virus is inadequate.

Masking is now required indoors and outdoors when people leave their homes.

Levine said any future orders will depend on the public following the existing orders.

“We don’t want people to travel. We want people to stay home,” she said.

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I will not be wearing a mask outdoors and I hope you will resist this ridiculous order!


And you're exactly why this is surging now. Put on the darn mask.


I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt because the herald standards blanket statement of masks being worn outdoors is not correctly stated.

directly copied from the Pa Gov website states

' The Order requires individuals to wear a face covering when indoors, irrespective of physical distance. When outdoors, one must wear a face covering when with others who are not members of the person's household and unable to maintain sustained physical distance'

if you still think this is ridiculous, then you are part of the problem


I will give you the benefit of the doubt here as well, that is not what Dr. Levine stated in the news conference. Mask are required when leaving your domicile. This I will not do and you should not either.

Just an aside, the survival rate for ALL age groups is now at 99% in PA and the survival rate for those under 50 in PA is 99.97%. This is cdc data. If you can’t handle factual info then you’re part of the problem. This means that with the current therapies covid now has a very very very high survival rate and “surging cases” is a scare tactic more like a right wing fanatics call than a reasonable liberal policy. This nonsense is anti-science, cherry picked stats and trigger words prompt an uneducated response, hence the mask mandate for outdoors. I’m an independent and COVID has been grossly mismanaged by both sides. Republicans overtly say there is no virus and it will disappear and Democrats have overblown the thing acting like it’s the Spanish flu so they can impose unconstitutional lock downs and assume dictatorial like control. I infer by from your post that you are both likely democrats because of your quick adherence to policy, lack of questions for the efficacy of the policy, your personal attack against me, and your fervent attack against questions to this policy. Wake up, the lack of statistics evidence for mask mandates at this point is clear with respect to death rate, unless the Blue blood in your veins is starting to effect the oxygen to the brain. So maybe stop the name calling and do some fact checking for yourself Covid is not the killer it was in March and to treat it as such is as reckless as the anti vaccine deniers!


tell that to my healthy 22 yr old niece who contracted Covid in July and is still suffering the disabling effects of Covid..muscle aches, joint pain and chronic fatigue, irregular heartbeat, etc. Dr's are checking her for autoimmune disease which if it is..there is no cure. she not the only case like this. its not just the death count.

call me what you want to call me..i very familiar with your type,all I know is this has personally touched a loved one, in my life


agreed .. under age 75 the survival rate is 99.5 to 99.99% .. so what are we doing?!?! it all makes no scientific sense .. but it does make "socialism / control / fear" sense ..

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