Total: $12,593

Goal: $15,000

With a few days to go until the final total is announced, the 35th annual Give-A-Christmas campaign stood at $12,593.

“We’re so near our goal of raising $15,000 for the Salvation Army,” said the campaign’s mascot, Sparkle the Christmas Star.

“The final contributions to the campaign will be reported in the Christmas Eve edition of the Herald-Standard. I truly believe we’ll meet our goal!”

Donations came from across the area, and included dedications in memory and honor of many loved ones.

Anastasia Thomas and Ted Mincer of Uniontown donated in memory of parents, Marie and Frank Cenky and Inez and Edward Mincer, and brother William Cenky; also in memory and honor of “all the troops and veterans who served to help keep our peace and freedom.”

Additional donations came from Bob and Sandy Fee of Connellsville, in memory of daughter Denene Fee; Richard and Pat Travalena of Perryopolis, in honor of our three great-grandchildren, Emme, Ean and Paisley Travalena; Charlie Yarris of Uniontown, in memory of beautiful wife Mary Louise and their 67th anniversary on Dec. 19; son Vincent and grandson Drew;

Shirley Peccon of Uniontown, in honor of my first great-grandson; Louise Manchas of Adah, in memory of my husband Joseph R. Manchas; Lucy David of Uniontown, in memory of the Vansickle and David families; John and Annette Mamula of Hopwood, in memory of John Fagler; Ginnie McVey of Grindstone, in memory of husband Larry, twin grandsons Ethan and Casey, and mom Inez Thomas; Luke and Ava Pappas of Smithfield, in memory of grandparents Joseph and Janet Locke and great-grandmother Evelyn Johnson.

Bob and Pat Payne of Masontown contributed in memory of wonderful, dear parents, Kenny and Mollie Payne and Don and Eleanor Landman; also in memory of brother and brother-in-law Gene Payne and Lloyd A. Maust Jr. “God bless you,” they wrote.

Sandy Howell and family, of Smithfield, donated in memory husband Dee Howell and brother-in-law Gary Larew. “I miss them both,” she wrote.

Emmi Dedola and Audrey Mato of Uniontown also contributed, writing, “Merry Christmas and be safe!”

Other donations came from Stephen Putruska of Uniontown; Michelle Bentz of Grindstone; Wanda Galie of Smock; Hudock Garages of Uniontown; Anonymous of Pittsburgh; William and Eleanor Kania of Uniontown; Juniata Methodist Church, United Methodist Women of Dunbar.

“Thank you to everyone who has so generously given,” Sparkle said.

The annual holiday campaign, hosted for the past 35 years by the Herald-Standard, helps the Salvation Army, which serves the needs of many. All money raised in the campaign will stay within the communities in which it was donated.

Donations can be made to Give-A-Christmas, c/o Herald-Standard, 8 E. Church St., Uniontown, PA 15401.

The grand total will be announced in the Christmas Eve edition of the Herald-Standard.

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