The missing worker from the natural gas well fire has been identified by Cameron International as one of its employees. Cameron International is based in Houston, Texas, and is a flow specialist company for gas wells.

The worker's name has not been released to the media. 

"We don't have any information about what caused the incident, but we are working with Chevron, state and local officials to locate our employee," said Sharon Sloan, Cameron spokeswoman.

Gas well fire-suppression experts continued to assess an uncontrolled fire at a well in Dunkard Township, Greene County, today, as the blaze held emergency officials at bay from accessing the well pad where one worker remains unaccounted for.

Lee Ann Wainwright, a spokesperson for Chevron, who leases the gas well located on Water Tank Road, said the fire began at 6:45 a.m. Tuesday when an explosion rocked the Lanco 7H Marcellus shale well pad and resulted in a fire that continued through the night and into Wednesday.

The gas well is one of three situated at the site and Wainwright said the well was “in the final stages of preparation before being placed into production” when the blast occurred.

In a blanket press release to the media this afternoon, Wainwright said that representatives from Chevron and Wild Well Control, gas well fire experts based in Texas with an office in Canonsburg, are working to develop a containment plan for the blaze, which will focus on cutting off the supply of natural gas.

Wainwright did not provide any additional information regarding the missing subcontractor who was one of 19 people working at the site at the time of the blast, but did express concern on behalf the company.

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