Charleroi is once again having a cat problem.

Councilwoman Nancy Ellis said cats are roaming around a home at 501 Eighth Street. The home is the former site of Lulu’s Little Lion’s Cat Rescue—a rescue sanctuary that was run by Lulu Kendall. People are continuing to drop off cats at the site, even though the rescue is no longer functioning, Ellis said Wednesday.

“This is causing a severe problem,” said Ellis. “I feel sorry for the cats but it’s the people’s fault. We want to get the word out that anyone caught leaving cats there will be prosecuted for abandonment.”

In Pennsylvania, anyone who intentionally abandons an animal can be prosecuted for a summary offense and fined up to $750 and/or jailed for up to 90 days. Offenders could face misdemeanor charges if the animal is injured or felony charges if the animal dies or is seriously injured.

Ellis said many shelters accept animals from people who can no longer keep them, but arrangements should be made in advance.

Also, during the meeting, Fern Sibert, founder of the nonprofit “Clean Up Our County,” asked council if any Charleroi groups would be interested in helping with cleanup efforts throughout Washington County. Anyone who would like to volunteer should call 724-456-1780.

In other business, the council:

n Approved the 2020 MMO for the Charleroi Borough Pension Plan

n Approved a proposal from Nusida Accounting Services, which will invoice the borough for four payments of $1,250 each

n Tabled a decision to choose a firm to conduct the 2019 municipal audit

n Authorized use of Fourth Street (between Washington and Fallowfield) and an adjoining parking lot for the Fall Festival on October 12, 2019

n Announced that the “Touch a Truck” fundraiser will be held this Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Charleroi Community Park

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