The Fayette County commissioners have approved the refinancing of a loan up to $10 million for Mount St. Macrina Manor.

During the regular meeting on Thursday, the commissioners unanimously voted to approve refinancing an existing loan obtained through the Latrobe Industrial Development Authority in 2015.

“They decided to refinance, and we supported it because the nursing home care is very important in Fayette County,” said Commissioner Vincent Vicites. “If we can help support them through this mechanism, I think a good decision to provide that quality of care.”

Mount St. Macrina Manor, a nonprofit nursing home that has operated on the order’s North Union Township grounds since 1971 and is sponsored by the Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great, used the proceeds from that 2015 loan to renovate the nursing home.

That renovation included construction of an additional wing, more private rooms and other improvements.

Solicitor Jack Purcell said the refinanced loan will give the nursing home flexibility to do more things to the facility and keep it updated.

Ernest DeHaas, the solicitor for the Fayette County Industrial Development Authority, with which the loan request originated, reported to the commissioners at the start of the meeting, a public hearing was held earlier that morning. No public comment was offered on the issue, he said.

Also at Thursday’s meeting, the commissioners approved the beginning of right-of-way plans for acquisitions for 12 properties along a 2-mile stretch of the Sheepskin Trail route between the Route 119 Bridge in Point Marion to Nilan.

Purcell said the plans mark the beginning of talking and negotiating with the property owners over the right-of-way acquisitions.

In other business, the commissioners voted on various motions concerning county parks including a contract extension for Widmer Engineering of $4,500 to cover construction inspection costs associated with environmental improvements at Dunlap Creek Park; approving a $3,000 grant application to Treevitalize Pennsylvania to complete riparian buffer work at German Masontown Park that includes planting 20 trees; and approving $171,825 for Kompan Company for playground equipment to Jacobs Creek Park that will have a historic fort appearance.

Commissioner Dave Lohr said the commissioners are focusing on environmental and family usage for all the county parks.

Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink was absent from Thursday’s meeting.

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