The Fayette County Commissioners will vote on various county projects on Thursday, among them awarding $258,848 for a parking lot upgrade project for the Bridge and Grounds Department.

Commissioner Vince Vicites asked where are the funds are coming from to pay for the project. Ray Eicher, the director of the county’s Buildings and Grounds department, said he wasn’t certain because someone else in the department was managing the project.

The project will improve the driveway and parking lot of the county’s bridge department.

Commissioner Scott Dunn was absent from Tuesday’s meeting.

“We’ll put it on, but we need to know exactly where (the money is) coming from,” Vicites said during Tuesday’s agenda setting meeting. “I know it needs done desperately.”

The commissioners will also vote on a $294,900 parking lot improvement project to be completed by Redstone Excavating of Grindstone at the Fayette County Recycling Center.

Eicher said that project is part of a $350,000 grant acquired by county Recycling Coordinator/Stormwater Manager Sheila Shea.

In other business, the commissioners will also vote on the yearly Juvenile Probation Services Grant Agreement.

This year, the county has been allocated $225,385 from the Juvenile Court Judges’ Commissioner, and the non-matching grant is used to offset the costs of juvenile probation services within the county.

Ten percent of the funding, which is $22,538, will be used for administrative expenditures within the department.

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