Fayette County Children and Youth Services employees are holding a Super-Bowl-themed food drive for their clients in need.

Reba Stramat, Fayette County CYS Case Aid III, said the idea of the food drive came about when she and two of her supervisors were discussing what to do with this year’s drive for their in-house Good Neighbor Food Pantry for children and their families that are CYS clients.

“Reba is amazing in her capacity to care for the families we work with,” said John Fritts, Fayette County CYS Deputy Administrator. “As a case aide, she is in the home as the caseworkers are and she has seen firsthand how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected families.”

Stramat, a self-proclaimed “sports nerd,” said her favorite sport is football and with the Super Bowl coming up, she did the math and decided to give the food drive a football theme, naming it “The Soup-er Bowl Food Drive”.

Stramat said she and her supervisor, Rebecca Taylor, looked at previous food drives to see what donated items were the most popular and what items that people normally wouldn’t bring, and then gave those items a point system largely based on the points that can be scored during a football game.

She added that approximately 30 employees are made up of two teams, all earning points for bragging rights with two MVPs named for whomever provides the most points for each teams.

The drive started on Jan. 11 and will run until Feb. 5, each week of those four weeks representing a quarter in a football game. Stramat is updating the progress to the teams after each quarter. “We can be a very competitive group, which is good,” Stramat said. “I bet we can do really well and get a lot of items.”

It seems that bet has paid off, with game time still left to go.

“We have four tables full of stuff--it’s full on top and underneath the tables,” Stramat said, adding that she hasn’t counted the items that includes both food and hygiene products, but in points, the total is approximately 4,000. “A lot of people stepped up and made it competitive, and I’m seeing a lot of generosity as well.”

“Everything donated was 100% from CYS staff,” Fritts said. “I don’t think people realize how much we do for families even out of our own pocket.”

“Our employees really do care and want to help out those families as much as possible,” Stramat said. “It’s a competition, but we all understand that the true winners will be those families.”

When it comes to any future food drives with in CYS, Stramat isn’t letting her sports-nerd brain relax as she’s trying to think up of an Olympic-themed food drive for the summer.

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