Charleroi gas smell

In this photo from October, Charleroi street department workers vent a sewer line at First Street and McKean Avenue where gasoline was sending fumes into houses and businesses.

CHARLEROI – The state Department of Environmental Protection has accused a Charleroi service station of unlawful conduct after 1,000 gallons of gasoline leaked last month from its underground storage tank.

The department also accused J.G. Services Gulf Station of failure to ensure releases do not occur, constituting a public nuisance after the spill sent fumes into a number of buildings, DEP spokeswoman Lauren Fraley said.

“DEP sent a notice of violation to the station owner on Oct. 30,” Fraley said.

The DEP staff also requested that the owner/operator of the Gulf station hire a remediation contractor and said it would follow up with additional interim measures, she said.

The DEP sent a tank inspector to the borough again Wednesday morning to investigate after more fumes were reported a day earlier on the south end of the borough.

The inspector concluded that there were no new leaks from the station, that the fumes occurring now stemmed from the original spill about Oct. 17.

The inspector determined that all previously requested repairs were made, the release detection system is functioning properly and there has been no new loss of gasoline, Fraley said.

The Charleroi Fire Department said on social media it was doing everything in its power to address the problem.

The DEP attributed the same fumes last month to a faulty overflow prevention system at the station at First Street and McKean Avenue.

The company was required to clean up soil drenched with gasoline that sent fumes into Charleroi sewer lines and into nearby homes and businesses.

A woman who answered the phone at the station Wednesday declined to comment on the DEP notices of violation.

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