Mary Suchevits poses with two of her books, "Carol's Christmas Request" and "Luke Faces the Truth."

A Farmington woman drew on her own experiences for two novels she published last year.

“I want my books to be something believable, so someone can sit there and say, 'I bet that can happen',” said Mary Suchevits, who retired from the Marine Corps and is also retired a state prison counselor. “I want to write about something I know about.”

Suchevits has enjoyed writing since she was a child, but never did anything with the stories she crafted.

“I like developing the story and really enjoy writing the books,” Suchevits, 59, said. “To me, it's such a fun experience.”

Her first book, “Carol's Christmas Request” was published in March 2021.

The book is about two people who dated through college. When they graduated, the woman decided she didn't want to get married, so the two parted ways. The man, Mark, enlisted in the Marine Corps and was injured during his deployment in Iraq.

Back home in Missouri, he's unable to get a job, so he works as a recruiter for the Marine Corps and is tasked to play Santa Claus at the local orphanage. Mark is captivated by a young girl who is saddened by being separated from her mother, but that chance encounter winds up altering the course of his life forever.

When writing the book, Suchevits includes many of her experiences like living in an orphanage and being a disabled military veteran. She is also a Missouri native.

“A lot of the college experiences in the book were my college experiences, and the military experiences were some of my military experiences,” she said.

Suchevits' second book, “Luke Faces the Truth”, was published in October 2021.

The main character, Luke, is an injured war veteran who returns home to St. Louis where he lands a job working at a state prison. There, he meets his future wife and goes on to have a child with her, but a family tragedy sends Luke to live in his car and on the streets.

“That's based on homeless people I've met and am related to,” Suchevits said.

In the book, a boy from the housing projects starts hanging around with Luke, who finds that he and the boy begin to help one another through their struggles.

While Suchevits said the book has a sad ending, the people who've read it have told her it was inspiring with Luke going to Alcoholics Anonymous and turning his life around.

Both books are available in paperback and digital online as well as in book stores, and both books are written under her pen name Mariliz Ischi.

Suchevits is currently working on two other books she plans to have published sometime in the summer.

One book is titled “Macie Comes to Terms” and is a sequel to “Luke Faces the Truth”.

The other is titled “Baby Beth Finds Hope” and is about a girl raised while surrounded by child abuse. It tells the story of how she finally gets past that part of her life.

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Congratulations, Mary. I was able to purchase 2 of your books at Barnes and Nobel in Morgantown. Fascinating read.

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