The pandemic had a silver lining for a Fairchance candle maker.

Fisher Candle & Soap Company, which until earlier this month was an at-home business for three years, celebrated its grand opening at 9 Gallatin Ave. in Fairchance.

“During the pandemic, sales skyrocketed,” owner Brittany Fisher said. “Nothing like candles and good smelling bath products to lift the spirit when you are stuck at home.”

The store sells candles and soaps made from scratch. Brittany, of Fairchance, is the candle maker, and her mother, Nicky Fisher, a certified soap and body product maker, creates all the body products from scratch, using oils rather than a premade base.

The candles come in all sizes and shapes, such as pies and clay vessels, and the company also sells wax melts. Body products include artisan soap, whipped soap, whipped body scrubs, bubble bath, shower gel, bath bombs, foaming hand soap, lip scrubs, lip gloss, lip balm, perfume and more. The two also make wedding, baby shower and birthday favors and put together gift baskets for any occasion.

Brittany said the business began through struggles and was a dream 10 years in the making.

In November 2018, she was a single mom who was struggling to provide for her family. She said she was working many overtime hours as a nurse and “barely making ends meet.”

About 10 years ago, she said she wanted to become a candlemaker and bought a professional kit, but didn’t get anywhere with it. Then, she used it to create Christmas candles to give to family members as gifts in 2018, and people loved them.

Brittany decided to create a business making candles in her home, using Facebook to promote her business. Then Nicky started making body products. Last year in January, they created a website for the business. Brittany said sales were steady before the pandemic hit and rose very quickly after.

With the increase in sales, they realized they needed more space, so they bought a shed, renovated and decorated it and placed it in Nicky’s yard at 9 Gallatin Ave. They opened for business on July 3.

“The opening was incredible,” she said. “We were so nervous. We had many customers, some from as far away as Arkansas.”

Brittany said their custom-scented candle is called Pink Pumpkin. She said they sell the candles in October to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. Since it is their signature scent, she said they will keep the candles in the store year-round.

Brittany said she hopes their business continues to grow and prosper to become something her daughters will one day take over. As Fairchance natives, she said they love their home and the opportunity to sell their homemade products in their community.

For more information about Fisher Candle & Soap Company, visit their website,, or their Facebook page, Fisher Candle & Soap Company.

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