For those who prefer to celebrate holidays with thrills and chills, Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park in North Union Township is offering Valentine’s Fear Fest: A Date Night to Dismember!

Open 7-10 p.m. Feb. 14-15, the event is aimed at Halloween and horror fans.

“We’re offering a unique, ground-breaking experience for people who are looking to do something different on Valentine’s Day,’’ explained Aidan Finnegan, marketing director.

For couples who want to get away from a quiet celebration, Finnegan asked, “How about, ‘I saved my date from a chainsaw-wielding Cupid!’’

Patrons will enter the midway where they can enjoy concessions, fire-breathing performers and a 14-foot-tall, animatronic monster with which they can take photos.

Two different Valentine-theme haunted attractions are available.

They include Nocturnus Mansion, recommended for visitors 12 and up, which is filled with vampires.

“Our visitors help the vampires solve a murder mystery but some vampires are not particularly fond of mortal beings walking through their house,’’ said Finnegan. “It adds another dynamic to the mix.’’

Cupid’s Love Den, which has a light contact option, is open to visitors age 18 and older. A press release explains is “run by a demented version of the mythological trouble maker.’’

Visitors can do either or both attractions. Ticket prices are $15 for Nocturnus Mansion and $5 extra for Cupid.

Jackie Loveall, who has been operating Haunted Hills with her family for 16 years, and Finnegan noted Haunted Hills recently offered Haunted Horror Days, which the Travel Channel named one of the 10 Scariest Christmas Haunted Houses across the United States.

“We’re in an interesting place with the haunted house industry,’’ said Finnegan, noting haunted attractions are now opening for different holidays with related themes. “It encourages people to come back because it’s a different experience each time.’’

Tickets for Valentine’s Fun Fest can be purchased on site or online. For more information, visit

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