Highlands Hospital officials are questioning why it lost a Fayette County contract to Uniontown Hospital.

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Many residents of Fayette County have contacted me about this situation specifically asking if the Commissioners have been in contact with Highlands Hospital to attempt to resolve the matter.

The answer is yes. Upon receipt of Ms. Cunningham's letter she and I communicated and I then sent her a letter (copying 2 commissioners) on Thursday July 19th seeking available dates from her and HH representatives so that the 3 commissioners could meet with the appropriate parties.

Yesterday, July 24th, Ms. Cunningham responded to my letter (copying the 2 commissioners) indicating that the commissioners should move ahead with our meeting/investigation of the matter and to contact HH after we have done so.

Accordingly, yesterday morning I circulated dates/times to my fellow 2 commissioners, FCBHA staff and solicitor for a meeting today, Thurs or Friday of this week.

Yesterday afternoon, Nicole Young, administrative assistant to Commissioner Ambrosini sent an email to Cunningham, Bacharach, and others with an attached letter dated last Thurs, July 19th offering dates to meet in the month of August. I was surprised to receive this correspondence given that it was sent to the CEO's of both hospitals just yesterday back dating the letter and only signed by 2 commissioners.

Granted that meeting will most likely not occur given that the 2 commissioners had earlier that day received a copy of te correspondence from HH stating we should investigate on own and get back to HH afterwards.

The bottom line is that this matter has been at issue since Ms. Cunningham's letter to the Commissioners dated July 13 and as Ms. Cunningham's letter states even before as she, Lisa Kusniar and Comm Zapotosky had earlier spoken as an attempt to resolve the matter.

Given that and what has transpired since the prudent thing to do would be to stop emailing and writing letters and instead ACTUALLY MEET. To that end, if I do not hear back from my fellow commissioners today confirming their availability for a meeting today, Thurs or Friday, I shall pick one of those and meet with the solicitor, FCHBA and report the same.

I do not know how this matter will turn out however I do know that I will do my due diligence in attempting to resolve it.


Why would Highlands need to meet with the CEO of Uniontown? It seems that the commissioners need to investigate what happened and report it to Highlands. This is a very unfortunate situation. I hope there is a logical explanation for it.


I wish they would mention that the BHU is adjacent from the pediatric unit. UH may not get a lot of pediatric patients but they do get them and you can hear these patients screaming and fighting down the pediatric hallway. If UH would have stuck with their initial guidelines (was supposed to be a geriatric BHU) and quit paying upper management for putting them in the hole for years, they wouldn't be in this situation to try and acquire more contracts for more patient revenue. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't want my child in the hospital trying to get better while there are psychos, sickos and who knows what down that hallway.


I am so tired of Michelle misleading the citizens of thr county. She is trying to cause an uproar in the community. First Highlands did not lose their VBH contract. Both hospitals have a VBH contract. Second Michelle claims VBH has complimented the psychiatric care there. Oh please. The place is so poorly run by the current manager Susan Mongell. She doesn't even have a degree and never worked in mental health. The patients are lucky to get 1 group a day. All the patients do is get meds, sleep, and watch tv. Also they mix children with adults on the unit. Some of which are sexual predators. Michelle seems to forget that many patients have been turned away because of the high turnover rate of nurses. Often these patients have been sent 2 hours away to Clarion and families have to drive there to visit family members. Third if there would be layoffs it would be because of the remodeling. The first floor (19 beds) will be closed and only the second floor (12 beds) will be open. Where does she expect the remaining psych patients to go? It would make sense to keep these patients close to home. Also there have been numerous citations from the pa dept of health recently and details are available on the pa dept of health website. I've had family members in that unit and was filthy and dirty.

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