A home-improvement chain is expected to build its first store in Pennsylvania, choosing Fayette County as the location.

On Tuesday, the Fayette County commissioners unanimously approved the conveyance of land at the Fayette County Business Park to Menard Inc. for the construction of a Menards home-improvement store.

“This is a significant, positive thing for Fayette County,” said Commissioner Vincent Vicites.

Vicites said the Wisconsin-based chain is expected to construct a 200,000 square-foot facility and develop the remaining 80 acres at the business park for the store and space for additional business to open.

“It will pretty much finish off the business park,” Vicites said, adding only 10 acres of the park will remain open and undeveloped.

Vicites said not only is the $10 million investment from Menards expected to create 130 to 150 jobs in the area, it’s also expected to help broaden the tax base and further help the county become a regional shopping area.

“A company of this caliber is moving into the county for a reason,” said Commissioner David Lohr. “Let’s face it, companies aren’t going to do things if they’re not going to make money.”

Lohr said Menards saw what the county has to offer and the development is another push forward for the county.

“There’s a huge opportunity here for growth,” Lohr said. “The county is going in the right direction.”

A representative from Menards declined comment on the plan. There’s no word on a timetable for the development.

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We passed the resolution yesterday at the commissioners meeting. The listed agenda item was extremely limited. I have been asked about this since the meeting. As all can read here in this article the company declined comment. I will provide the information I have on the zimmerlink blog later today. The Redevelopment Authority is credited with this. It was them, not the commissioners, who have been working with the company. This evening a representative of the company will be attending the Redevelopment Authority meeting (which is open to the public). The purchase price of the parcel(s) is approx $1.7 million. Fayette Co Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink


I remember when the business park was started back over 20 years ago. The Commissioners at the time decided to start the development. Also if my memory serves me right they partner with the Redevelopment Authority to administrator the development. So they have been very involved with it. It’s must

have been before your time Commissioner Zimmerlink.

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