With much affection and thanks, Jumonville honored Larry and Jaye Beatty for 37 years of service.

The Christian camp and retreat center in North Union Township celebrated the couple, who retired in March, at its annual spring dinner. Larry guided Jumonville as president while Jaye served in many capacities, including public relations coordinator.

“We wanted to talk about that flame of passion that you have – passion for camp and passion for leading people to Christ,’’ said Heather Withrow, the new president, who presented the Beattys with a piece of art in the shape of a flame on behalf of the staff.

Sandy Stewart, of Jumonville’s board, announced the camp’s dining facility is now named Beatty Dining Hall in honor of the family, including Larry’s parents: his father, Bill served as Jumonville’s first year-round executive director, and his mother Elva ran the dining hall and her estate provided for major renovations and upgrades to the dining hall.

“This renaming honors the entire Beatty family and their love and service to the ministry of Jumonville,’’ announced Stewart to rousing applause.

The Beattys were touched.

“We’ve done our best to serve Jumonville with all our heart, mind and strength,’’ said a tearful Larry, noting, “I want to thank you, my Jumonville family – all of you here. We’ve had a great ride. It’s time for a new chapter and I pray you give Heather and Shawn, the same support you’ve given us.’’

Larry, a native of Natrona Heights, and Jaye, who was from Elizabeth Township, first experienced Jumonville as campers and then counselors.

Larry worked as a fifth-grade teacher and Jaye as a registered nurse before the couple moved to Jumonville in 1982. They had met and married at Jumonville and this is where they raised their three children. In retirement, the Beattys, who have five grandchildren, will live nearby.

“Nothing can take away the moments and memories of this holy place and how it has shaped my entire life. I thought I was going to be a missionary nurse in some far-away country but God brought me to this city on a hill and it’s not just a place, it’s the people,’’ said Jaye, adding, “I can be nothing but grateful for what Jesus has done through Jumonville in my life.’’

Many expressed their appreciation for the Beattys.

The Rev. Joe Martin, a long-time camp dean and friend, said of Larry, “You poured your heart and soul into this place in every way.’’

The Rev. John Seth, also a friend, remarked, “I don’t know if any of us truly realize how significant Jumonville is to Jaye nor how much Jaye has had an impact on Jumonville and its ministry.’’

Franklin Blackstone, of the Jumonville Foundation, said, “Thank you for the considerable hospitality that you showed to every person every day who came here and for your faithfulness in the ministry of this place and in the service of our Lord.’’

Dr. Walter Powell, of the Braddock Road Preservation Association, which has hosted its annual French and Indian War seminar at Jummonville for 30 years, commented, “It would not have been possible for us to continue this seminar as we’ve done for as long as we’ve done if Jaye and Larry had not been enthusiastic supporters.’’

Withrow said, “I hope you look around this assemblage and think this is but a portion of everyone who’s hearts you’ve touched here. Our doors are always open to you as you continue to find new ways to be in ministry.’’

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