A Masontown man faces several hundred charges after he allegedly prank called the Fayette County 911 dispatch center 445 times to ask female dispatchers about their underwear.

Chad Everett Cooper, 21, was charged Tuesday with six offenses related to stalking, harassment, obstruction of the administration of law and disorderly conduct.

He faces 2,670 total counts involving the six separate charges.

Uniontown police Detective Donald M. Gmitter said 911 supervisor James Bittner contacted police to report the dispatch center, located at 22-24 E. Main St. in Uniontown, had been receiving numerous calls from a man who would only speak to female dispatchers.

Gmitter said the man would ask the female dispatchers questions about their underwear and various sex acts.

The calls began April 14 and continued through May 1, according to the criminal complaint filed in the case.

Gmitter said all of the calls came from the same cell phone number.

The cell phone service provider was able to provide officials with an alternate number related to the cell phone that was for a home in Masontown.

Gmitter said he and Capt. David Rutter went to the home and spoke to the homeowner who told police no one in the house used that cell phone service provider but that the number did belong to a family member and identified Cooper.

The homeowner was able to tell police where Cooper, who is homeless but resides in the Masontown/Nicholson Township area, was staying.

Gmitter said police located Cooper and that the cell phone in his possession had the same number of the one that repeatedly prank called the dispatch center.

Cooper was taken to the Uniontown Police Department where he was read his rights and agreed to speak with police.

Gmitter said Cooper admitted to making the phone calls.

Cooper was arraigned Monday night on 445 counts each of stalking; harassment involving acts of lewd, lascivious, threatening or obscene language; harassment for making anonymous calls; harassment with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person; obstructing the administration of law and disorderly conduct.

A preliminary hearing will be held at a later date.

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