A man who has lived in Monongahela and Jefferson Hills is wanted on a string of charges that include attempted rape of a boy last month in Carroll Township.

Carroll police obtained a warrant Monday for the arrest of the suspect, Russell Michael Marycz, 43, on accusations he forced a 15-year-old boy to a winery, where he allegedly wanted to perform sex acts on him late Sept. 27, court records show.

The boy told police that Marycz approached him about 11 p.m. at Second and Chess streets in nearby Monongahela and asked for directions to Mounds Street. The boy said he wanted to go home, but Marycz grabbed him by the arm and said he wanted the teen to take him to Mounds Street, police stated in the affidavit.

The boy said he was scared and that Marycz later said he wanted to go to Van Voorhis Lane because his girlfriend was drugged at a party and he needed to find her, the record indicates.

The boy also claimed Marycz said, “If you run I’ll hurt you.”

Marycz allegedly offered the boy $500 and then $1,000 to perform a sex act on him in the vineyard.

The victim also accused Marycz of tackling him and holding him to the ground.

The boy said he managed to escape by elbowing and punching Marycz.

The boy climbed over a fence and knocked on several doors after screaming for help. He then called his mother on his cellphone to take him home.

Police said Marcyz was identified from surveillance video and by his former girlfriend.

Marcyz is also wanted on charges of unlawful contact with a minor, kidnapping, interfering with the custody of a child, corruption of minors, criminal solicitation, criminal coercion, simple assault, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment.

The case was filed before District Judge Mark Wilson.

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