A Markleysburg woman was arrested Tuesday for allegedly carrying out a “harassment campaign” against officials investigating child abuse in her home and falsely accused her children’s foster father of molestation.

Samantha Lynn Malenosky, 36, of Thomas Road allegedly began harassing officials July 6, prompting multiple citations. Since Sept. 12, police said she “personalized and escalated her retaliation and stalking efforts.”

State police and Children & Youth Services began their child abuse investigation July 6 after two videos surfaced on social media, which appeared to show an adult abusing an infant. One video showed an infant being smothered by an adult’s hand, and another showed an infant being carried upside down by the leg, according to the affidavit of probable cause filed in her case.

Her children were removed from the residence and placed in foster care. An investigation is ongoing.

Malenosky allegedly made a false accusation against her children’s foster father, saying on social media he molested her children. She reportedly made a new false allegation of child abuse against the foster family Sunday. She is also accused of calling CYS to make a false accusation of abuse involving a supervisor’s family. She was charged Dec. 4 with providing false information to law enforcement.

According to the criminal complaint filed in her case, she called the CYS office on New Salem Road about 130 times between July 6 and Sept. 12. In this time period, she also allegedly regularly called the state police Uniontown barracks, interrupting emergency services to call dispatchers and supervisors “fat, lazy and stupid,” police said.

She was cited Sept. 25 for harassment and disorderly conduct, and cited again for harassment Dec. 20. Police said she was also warned repeatedly about her alleged actions.

She allegedly contacted an investigating trooper’s boyfriend through social media, making sexual comments and accusations. Malenosky allegedly contacted three CYS employees on their work and personal cellphones by text messages, making personal references to their families.

She is also accused of calling the state police Uniontown barracks numerous times, sometimes calling five times in a row, to scream insults and yell, “CYS kidnapped my kids.”

Police said they responded to 20 calls at the home between May 5 and Nov. 8, mainly for reported domestic abuse.

Malenosky was arrested Tuesday on a felony count of retaliation and misdemeanor counts of harassment, communications with 911, stalking and disorderly conduct.

She was released Wednesday after $25,000 bail was posted on her behalf.

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