Masontown is continuing to make moves focused on code enforcement.

At its latest meeting, council voted 6-0 to establish a building code appeals board and the procedures by which it will operate.

Appeals under the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) adopted last month are to be made 20 days following notification of a violation by the borough’s code enforcement officer.

Appeals under the SWEEP (Solid Waste Education and Enforcement Program) ordinance would be heard before the board of appeals within 10 days of a ticket being issued.

But Masontown has not yet adopted a SWEEP ordinance, and officials with PMI Services, the borough’s code enforcement firm, said establishing the board of appeals should come before instituting SWEEP, which in turn would set forth a detailed ticketing process.

“The key was to have our board in place,” said Myron Nypaver of PMI Services, who was joined in addressing council by his son, code enforcement officer Josh Nypaver. “That is the number one priority.”

Officials are looking for volunteers for the board. Council approved Donald Lewis III to serve, but Council President John Stoffa II noted council was still accepting letters of interest for additional positions on the board.

“It’s not typical (for the board) to have a lot of meetings,” Myron Nypaver said.

Following hearings at which the code enforcement officer will explain the violation, proof of notice if required and the response, the board will either dismiss the appeal for failure to follow procedure, or uphold, modify or overturn the violation.

Josh Nypaver reported that an appeal has already been requested in response to action at 4 River Ave.

In other business, council accepted the resignation of a part-time police officer Zachary Kodric, who Chief R. Scott Miller said was leaving the department on good terms due to scheduling conflicts with two other jobs.

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