The Connellsville Redevelopment Authority and the City of Connellsville are teaming up for an extensive roof replacement project at Yough River Park.

The authority approved a $23,299 contract with Byler’s Roof Coatings, the same contractor used to replace the roof last year at East Side Fire Station, on Monday at their meeting. The city has agreed to allocate $10,000 from the recreation budget for the project and the remaining funds to come from the Neighborhood Partnership Program budget.

The city’s contribution is a key element of the project.

“We are getting $10,000 from the city to make it all work,” said Paula Grubach, assistant for the authority.

The project includes the installation of a metal roof on two pavilions, restrooms, gazebo and stage at the park.

In other business, the authority approved an engineering proposal by Widmer Engineering for $19,350. The project calls for the removal of trees along Francis Avenue that are at least 50 years old with roots that in some cases are causing the current sidewalks and the road to come up. Because of environmental concerns, the project can’t be started until November. Widmer will be preparing a bid package in anticipation of the beginning of the project in the fall.

The Francis Avenue sidewalk project is part of the city’s 2017 Community Development Block Grant.

Executive Director Michael Edwards announced that the city’s 2019 CDBG application process will begin with a public hearing at 5:30 p.m. Aug. 12 at city hall. At this session, members of the public will get their first chance to put forth projects for the city to consider for their 2019 funding application. Afterwards, project ideas will be accepted until Aug. 31. In mid-September, a second hearing will be scheduled announcing the projects that the city has selected for funding.

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