After a fire destroyed the state Department of Transportation’s Greene County office last May, the agency is on its way to breaking ground on a new facility.

Joe Szczur, district executive for PennDOT’s Engineering District 12, said there was not much down time after the May 27 fire. That evening, they were discussing plans to establish temporary operations in Fayette County.

“By noon, Greene County was technically up and running again,” Szczur said.

They continued operating out of Fayette and Washington counties until they could move into a temporary office building at 226 Elm Drive in Waynesburg after Labor Day.

By the second week of November, PennDOT had leased a garage for its vehicles close to the site of the since-demolished building at 129 Jefferson Road.

Szczur praised the work of the Greene County employees through the transitions.

“We had gotten permission for employees in Greene County to take leave,” Szczur said. “None of them took advantage of it because of their dedication.”

According to Szczur, construction of a new facility will begin in the spring at the site of the old one.

“Everything is going to be state of the art, a very modern facility,” Szczur said. “The building that was there was built back in the 1930s. You can imagine all the advancements.”

The estimate for the new building is about $20 million, but Szczur said they have received “very good bids” that came in under the estimated cost.

According to Szczur, PennDOT hopes to be moved into the new building by the end of June or early July 2021.

“In this day and age, that’s a pretty good accelerated schedule,” he said.

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