SOUTH CONNELLSVILLE — Members of council voted to schedule hearings to demolish two properties and terminated the borough’s code enforcement officer.

Attorney Samuel Dalfonso, who attended council’s monthly meeting representing solicitor Michael Hammond, said officials were frustrated with Tim Ritenour’s job performance in recent months. Councilwoman Vicki Ruvo made a motion to fire Ritenour, who was not in attendance at the meeting.

Council members Ruvo, Jerry Reagan, Don Ringer, Mary Riley and George Jay voted in favor of the termination, which passed unanimously. Councilmen Steve Cross and Dave Wiltrout were not at the meeting.

Dalfonso said the borough would advertise for a replacement soon.

In other action taken this week, council members voted to hold hearings to demolish two properties.

Ruvo said four properties were inspected last month by an engineering firm hired by the borough and two were found to be in violation of the borough’s dangerous buildings ordinance.

Dalfonso said the hearings will give the public an opportunity to comment and offer property owners a chance to testify or argue against the demolition order.

Dalfonso said neither structure presented an emergency situation, which is why council didn’t file for a court order for the demolitions.

In other business, Dalfonso reported that his firm and the state Department of Environmental Protection have negotiated with Superior Fine Grind LLC on a solution to the air pollution problem that has plagued the residential neighborhood where the plant is located.

In the last few months, council has heard from a number of neighbors complaining about a strong odor emanating from the plant on Baldridge Avenue, and had instructed the solicitor to contact the plant’s owners and the state DEP in an effort to abate the problem.

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