Tyree Smith trial

Alyssa Choiniere | Herald-Standard

In this July 2018 file photo, Tyree Smith, 22, of Penn Hills is led away following his preliminary hearing. Smith is on trial this week in Fayette County Court, accused of fatally shooting 28-year-old Richard A. Hinton May 22 on Dunlap Street in Uniontown.

The cousin of a Uniontown man who was fatally shot last year testified he saw his relative go into a home on Dunlap Street, and then heard four rapid gunshots.

Korey Wilson testified Tuesday he ran toward the home and his cousin, Richard Hinton, but heard more gunshots and turned away.

Hinton, 28, was killed on May 22, 2018. Tyree “Brick” Smith, 23, of Penn Hills is on trial this week for criminal homicide in Fayette County Court.

Smith’s attorney, Assistant Public Defender Michael Aubele, said the shooting was self-defense. Assistant District Attorney Meghann Mikluscak said the killing was intentional and is asking jurors to convict Smith of first-degree murder.

Mikluscak asked Wilson if Hinton entered the house in an aggressive manner or ran into the house.

“No. He was just walking,” Wilson testified, adding that Smith and Hinton didn’t have any disputes that he knew about.

Aubele asked Wilson if he saw a gun in Hinton’s waistband, if he saw Hinton kick the door, and if a shoe imprint photographed on the door looked familiar to him.

“I never paid any attention to his waist,” Wilson testified.

He said he did not see Hinton kick the door, and the shoe imprint didn’t look familiar to him.

Also testifying was Dolores Lancaster, who was renting the Dunlap Street home at the time of the shooting. Lancaster testified she was out of town when the shooting occurred, but the father of her children was staying there.

Lancaster testified she allowed Smith to sleep over at the house one night because he was waiting for a ride in the dark, but said she never gave him an open invitation to return to the house. She also testified Hinton was welcome to come and go from the house as he pleased.

Mikluscak also called on New Brighton Police Chief Ronald Walton to testify about receiving a 911 call about Smith after the shooting. The Beaver County chief testified Smith was at a home in the borough, and surrendered after a few verbal commands.

Walton testified police there were able to collect various items of evidence that belonged to Smith like a handgun with 10 rounds in the magazine, shoes, clothing, a cellphone and cash, all of which was turned over to Uniontown City Police.

The trial will continue at 9 a.m. today.

Smith is lodged in the Fayette County Prison without bail.

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