“In over two hundred years of history, I can’t think of a single administration that has been this radical and, and this hostile.”

– Former Speaker of the House/Fox News Contributor, Newt Gingrich

Republicans are on a warpath.

Joe Biden is their target.

His every move is the subject of intense Republican/Fox News (they’re practically one and the same, you know) scrutiny.

According to them, the new president is either an ineffective hand-puppet, or he’s so effective, he’ll end life as we know it.

Either way, they say, he’s a stone-cold socialist.

It seems every time you see a Republican these days, they’re wallowing in mirthless patter about the way the country is in accelerated decline.

The nonstop attacks aren’t having the desired effects.

Mr. Biden’s job approval is (according to fivethirtyeight.com) at 54.2%. That’s 12% higher than Donald Trump’s approval (42%) during his first 100 days in office.

To be honest, though, Biden doesn’t have job approval numbers that exceed most of his recent predecessors: Barack Obama (60.8%), George W. Bush (57.6%) and Bill Clinton (58.2%) each had higher numbers in their first 100 days.

That might indicate that anybody, except Trump, would enjoy favorable job approval numbers.

In the meantime, it’s open season on Biden and his sidekick, Vice President Kamala Harris.

Fox News’ John Roberts helped ignite a Republican fury when he declared, “Say goodbye to burgers if you want to sign up to the Biden climate agenda.”

The mere hint that Biden is behind a de-beefing of America was enough to have Republicans in Congress get irate, while Republican governors (like Greg Abbott of Texas) proclaim – “Not gonna happen in Texas.”

Fox News talking heads like ex-Trump National Economic Council Director and current Fox News host Larry Kudlow announced, “They can’t have a steak on the grill or a hamburger on the grill on the July Fourth weekend.”

None of it was true.

It started when the British tabloid, The Daily Mail, printed the findings of an academic study that was published a year ago. A YEAR AGO!

That study theorized about the effects of a significant drop in beef consumption, and its supposed effect on the climate.

It had nothing to do with Joe Biden. NOTHING!

I can certainly understand that there’s a need for Republicans to try to scuff up Biden’s image.

But the only people who’re getting scuffed up right now are Republicans.

Kamala Harris found herself in Republican crosshairs when somebody thought that she was providing migrant children the picture book she wrote (“Superheroes are Everywhere”) when they came into the United States.

Oh! The humanity.

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton tweeted, “Now they’re forcing taxpayers to buy Kamala Harris’s book to give to those illegal immigrants.”

The chairman of the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel, took time away from her usual bellyaching about Mr. Biden to take a shot or two at Vice President Harris: “After learning officials are handing out Kamala Harris’ book to migrants in facilities at the border, it’s worth asking, was Harris paid for these books? Is she profiting from Biden’s border crisis?”

McDaniel and a host of Republicans were elated to find out about that book.

Except, Kamala Harris nor anybody from the Biden administration had anything to do with any book appearing at the border.

As it turned out, a Good Samaritan who lived close to the border left the book for some lucky young person to read.

It was just that simple.

The entire, false story emanated from a reporter for The New York Post who eventually quit her job, claiming she’d tried to push against the paper publishing what she knew was a false story. But the paper made her write it anyway.

Laura Italiano is a veteran of several publications. But the story about the Harris book was too much for her to endure.

There’s an obvious tie that binds all of this stuff.

The New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who, not surprisingly, is also the guy who owns Fox News.

Edward A. Owens is a multi-Emmy Award winner, former reporter, and anchor for Entertainment Tonight, and 40-year TV news and newspaper veteran. E-mail him at freedoms@bellatlantic.net.

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This is a somewhat biased article. When the fiasco at our southern border is considered, Biden is obviously a dunce. Also the approval rating given of 54% without basis is faulty. It's based on a sample of voters who are much more than half Democrat. When a random sample is considered where the voters are more 50-50 is used, the approval rating is much less than 50%.


The fivethirtyeight poll numbers are not taken from polls generated by fivethirtyeight, but rather are the averages of polling numbers taken from literally dozens of polls taken by dozens of groups, some Democratic-leaning, some Republican-leaning, and most that are completely unbiased either way. The current averaged numbers are just under 53% approval for Biden and just under 41% disapproval. The fivethirtyeight polling data is updated several times a day. So, from what you have written here, DAHorvath, it's obvious that you did not actually look at the fivethirtyeight numbers, but instead made something up that fits with your thinking and then posted your thoughts—with no proof whatsoever--for others to read, expecting that they would believe you. Why did you do that?

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