Cheers: Waynesburg Central senior Clara Paige Miller topped 1,000 career points in the Lady Raiders’ 59-20 victory Monday night against visiting Washington. Miller reached the personal milestone on putback of an offensive rebound with 3:49 remaining in the second quarter.

Cheers: Local and state officials have been working diligently to secure funding to improve a recreational asset in Greene County. Franklin Township supervisors, state Rep. Pam Snyder and state Sen. Camera Bartolotta recently announced that the township is receiving more than $635,000 in state funding that will be used to pay for repairs and renovations to Crawford Park. The project includes renovations to the concession building, pavilion, pedestrian walkway and parking area, as well as stormwater-management improvements, fencing and utilities, ADA access, landscaping, project signs and other related site improvements. We commend tjpse who have worked toward the goal of providing more and improved recreational assets that can be enjoyed by all residents of Greene County.

Cheers: More than half of Americans have received at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, but the unvaccinated portion of the population is driving the staggering increase in hospitalizations and deaths from the coronavirus in recent days. You would think the promise of avoiding death or serious illness would be a sufficient lure to get vaccinated, but even lotteries, prizes, days off work and other incentives have failed to get the stubbornly unvaccinated off the sidelines. But the Canadian province of Quebec might have found the key to motivating them. It saw appointments for first doses quadruple last week after proof of vaccination became a requirement for entering liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries. It’s enough to make you wonder if Harrisburg’s aggravating and outmoded stranglehold on alcohol sales in the state could, at least in this instance, yield something very beneficial to Pennsylvania’s citizens.

Jeers: Starting in 2023, residents of New York City who are not U.S. citizens will be eligible to vote in municipal elections, as per a law that went into effect this week. Individuals with work visas, legal permanent residents, and the children of undocumented immigrants who have called Gotham home for at least a month will be able to vote for City Council members and, if the law stays in place by 2025, mayor. While we support getting as many people as possible involved in the democratic process, we’re inclined to agree with columnist Mona Charen that this is “bad policy and terrible politics.” She wrote that the new law “cheapens the meaning of citizenship” and that “simply living and working here is not an expression of commitment to the future of this country.”

Cheers: Pittsburgh has never hosted a political convention by one of the two major parties, despite comparably-sized cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati and Kansas City having done so, and despite Pennsylvania being a hotly contested swing state. That could change in 2024, however, since Pittsburgh is one of four finalists to host the Republican National Convention, along with Milwaukee, Salt Lake City and Nashville, Tenn. The Democrats have yet to announce their finalists. If either party comes to Pittsburgh two years from now, it would likely be a boon to the region, with an estimated economic impact of $100 million to $200 million. Plus, it would tell Pittsburgh’s story to a national and international audience, and let them know the region is no longer defined by its heritage of smokestacks and smog.

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