As much as Americans may disagree with President Donald Trump’s actions since the November elections, there should be agreement that Vice President Mike Pence has acted honorably and as a statesman.

Pence’s future political options now appear miniscule.

Trump haters will never support him in future races because he was loyal to Trump for nearly all of his term, much as a second in command should.

He realized his role was not to upstage – if that would even be possible – or undermine his boss.

Those who still back Trump will never support him politically because at the end he refused to violate the Constitution by attempting to override the counting of electoral votes, something he announced in advance, prompting a public rebuke from Trump.

But Pence, through his actions this month, demonstrated the principle of country above self and a dedication to following the traditions of this country that call for a peaceful and respectful transition of power.

After the disgraceful and appalling Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol – for which criminal charges are and should be filed – Pence acted professionally allowing electoral votes to be counted and followed the legal precedences when challenges arose.

He followed the rules and if there was a senator and representative filing an objection to certain state’s electors, recessed the counting of votes until both chambers could debate separately and vote.

When that was completed, he resumed the process of the count, ending in the wee hours of Jan. 7.

Pence resisted calls to insert himself in the count like a dictator, imposing his will over the people’s.

For that he deserves thanks from all Americans and especially those not at the left or right extremes of the political spectrum.

— Altoona Mirror

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