While the country is pretty much divided between those who want the government to do more and those who want the government to do less, I think here in Pennsylvania we have one thing both sides can agreed on.

The county governments have to go by state rules, whether they agree with them or not. All of these rules cost homeowners more money and if not paid your home will be sold for taxes.

The county does nothing for homeowners but sends bills for the state or county codes and rules it enforces. Each of these bills add additional expenses on a so-called homeowner. In reality a homeowner never actually owns their home even though they built or bought it. You don't pay the county tax bills it gets sold to someone who will. So the reward for paying on a 30-year mortgage then losing the ability to keep paying taxes is to have your home sold for taxes.

We have three types of property taxes: local, county and school taxes. We only have a say on local taxes, and that tax rate in Springhill Township hasn't increased since I bought property in 1973.

The county rate has easily doubled and the county supports special interests that sure don't help property owners who end up paying the tax bills unless they are in the special interests groups.

School taxes are the fastest-rising taxes and the most expensive taxes. The teachers union always gets more money for teachers, as state law says we must educate the children so the property owners are over the so-called barrel. All the blame isn't on the union as the school boards have slowly added over the years many other programs for students.

When I went to school there was only four sports programs, boys junior high football and basketball, boys senior high football and basketball. Try counting the number of sports now in the schools. I quit counting at 33, and I'm sure I've missed some.

So my suggestion is we find people running for office who will remove home ownership from the tax roles by changing the tax laws. A person who owns a home would pay no taxes on it but it must be their legal address (and they can only have one) and they must actually live at that address so they can have that home until they sell it or die.

I think increasing the Pennsylvania state income tax would be the best way to make up the lost taxes without putting your home at risk of a tax sale. It is easier to pay taxes when you have an income.

Let's reward those who have stretched their dollars for many years just to have their own home instead of making them worry about losing it when times get bad, and that is something I feel both parties can support.

Bill Sines

Springhill Township

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