I have lived in Uniontown on Kerr Street or 33 years. When I first moved here with my family, this was a nice street. But as the older people died and their children didn’t want the homes, they were sold and became rental properties.

Over the years, these landlords just want to collect rent and do not care what the property looks like. I have a nice home and have a lot of pride in what it looks like, but I’m surrounded buy homes with garbage on the front porch and yards with homes that are falling down, broken windows, weeds and high grass. And no one will do anything about it.

I have talked to the previous mayor and our current mayor about the problem. I and one of my neighbors have been down to the code enforcement office and made numerous complaints and still nothing is getting done. The city council seems to be worried more about Sheepskin Trail and Marshall Park when they should be worried about the city deteriorating around them. If something is not done, this city is going to go down the sewer.

I do not know if there are no laws on the books that is keeping them from addressing this problem. If so, they need to do something to change that. I just read in the paper where Masontown counsel has passed an ordinance to fight blight with $50 fees for quality-of-life violations, including accumulation of rubbish or garbage, weeds, grass or plant growth exceeding 10 inches, littering or scattering rubbish burning trash or waste and failing to removing snow or ice from sidewalks within 24 hours of snowfall. They are trying to save their city, we need to save ours.

Remember our elected officials work for us, if they are not doing their job we need to vote them out and get someone who will do the job and clean up this city and make it what it once was. We need to make landlords and homeowners accountable for their properties.

Larry Hill


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I agree completely with what you wrote. I live on Coffee Street and have just sent letters (and pictures) to the Mayor and City Council members. A copy of this letter went to the newspaper. Our block has one property that's been a blight for eighteen years. The values of our homes have dropped dramatically to a third of what they're worth. This house is literally falling apart. Nothing of any substance is done by the city or code enforcement. We desperately need ordinances to be enforced. If we don't have those ordinances, we need to get to work before Uniontown becomes a tenement. These landlords destroy neighborhoods with impunity.


Take a look at who owns some of these properties and you'll find your answer as to why. Something also needs to be done about the nuisance tenants that many of these slumlords rent to as well.

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