Listen up! The coronavirus is real! Even as you read this, the virus is mutating into even deadlier and more contagious versions!

In real life, right now, we are challenged to get this invisible viral enemy under control – and do it in the midst of worldwide environmental, social and economic crises. Beating back the virus and these other threats to our well-being requires that we each maintain hope, and that we each do our part.

However, many rich and powerful people believe that their best interests are served by spreading propaganda and misinformation about the virus, and by causing us to question the worth of any positive actions that we may take. Instead, they ramp up our fears and clamor for our support through TV and internet messaging intentionally written to create doubt about what our hearts and minds tell us is true.

These cynics tell us that the virus does not exist, and that if it does exist, masks and vaccines don't help save lives. Even though, overwhelmingly, doctors, scientists and our own hearts tell us that these false messages, by those with vested interests in our suffering, are big lies.

Even if you are not convinced that the virus is real, why chance your health and the health of people you care about? You may feel that your freedom would be constrained by wearing a mask or getting vaccinated, but by refusing these simple measures, you continue to put millions of lives at risk. 

The virus does not care about what is fair!

If you do not take simple precautions, you are helping the virus to win. The numbers really do speak for themselves. The most patriotic, brave and caring things you can do, right now, are mask up and get vaccinated.

It is so easy to go to Google or make a call to find pharmacies and other nearby locations where you can get masks and get vaccinated – today!

Cheryl Crise


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