There are only about 10 men living on the Earth today who live in total and complete silence. They came to Earth in fully formed adult bodies and have remained in those bodies for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.

I do not know much about these men, gods really, but I do know that they do not speak because they realized thousands of years ago, even before they became immortal gods, that the imperfection and vain weak efforts of men to communicate with one another using ordinary languages common to various groups of people the world over is a rigid law that can never be violated.

You may ask what is the reason for ordinary language being useless for communicating one person to another? The reason is obvious — to keep people at one another’s throats, to keep the world of men in conflict between divergent groups, who, in their essential being are the same, but in their human aspect live in a world of delusional subjectivity, where everything and everyone is viewed differently by different people as well as viewed differently at different times and places. And our language does not acknowledge these subjective variations, thus, we have one word with 356 different definitions. That word is the word “turn”.

You may turn to your dictionary and turn to the word “turn” in turn and turn over the pages as you turn over the word and count each different definition in turn until it turns you inside out for turn about is fair play, it is said.

Now, Rev. Ed Nicholson, in his commentaries, believes that he is doing God’s work by warning us to repent or perish. Well, have I got news for Rev. Nicholson. The idea of perishing turns out to be unimportant. It is only important for the non-perishable to be concerned with perishing. Those like Rev. Nicholson and his followers were made by God to perish and perish they must. That is because you must work to become imperishable, or saved.

And to rely upon believing that you are immortal will make you so is a cruel turn of the other cheek. The 10 immortal men who have been living on the Earth for thousands of years in the same bodies were able to keep silent. They saved their energy and built from this saved energy immortal bodies of light.

And never speaking with their tongues and their lips was only part of the trick. They also never thought any thoughts, but just watched the scenery in which they had taken up residence.

Two of them actually took up residence on opposite hillsides that forms a valley in a remote part of southern China. So mostly they just stare across the distance at one another’s cabins. Why they do that, I do not feel capable of understanding, because they are what we call truly “Remarkable Men."

There are other advanced beings living in human bodies, mostly in mountains around Tibet, Kashmir and other isolated mt. hermitages who possess objective knowledge which they tried to express for the unification of mankind. They used myths, they used sacred symbols, and even verbal formulas, which, having been transmitted without any interfering alterations, have carried on the idea of the "unity of mankind," often from one thousand year cycle to the next.

We have just entered the beginning of another thousand-year cycle, beginning with the year 2,000. But what are the chances of us becoming like one of these 10 living gods when we can see clearly we are more divided one man against another man, one nation against another nation, one race against another race, one economic class against another economic class…and, especially, the scientific mind against the religious mind.

Do not try to change yourself. Survive and do not sacrifice yourself for any religion, party, nation, economic class, race identity… SURVIVE!

Science flew people to the moon and back to Earth, while religion flew people into buildings. All because men on Earth do not know how to either speak the same objective language, or just watch, be still, and be silent.

S. Raymond Pohaski is a resident of Uniontown

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Saved by grace

mr pohaski

After reading this letter it made me so sad. Sad because a man that has an IQ that has to be 150 or better is so misguided concerning the \gospel. im also sad because of your thoughts on Ed. But the thing that makes me more sad than anything is not only the spiritual condition of youj but a majority of the world. I don't know pastor Ed but I thank God for him. I suggest that you read 1 Corinthians 1:27, "But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God chosen the weak things of the world to put shame the things which are mighty." One other thing mr Pohaski I almost forgot it is absolutely positively impossible to enter heaven by works. Ephesians 2 8-10.


there you go again grace beating people over the head with your bible, last time you agreed with the false profit ED and called people stupid because they are not part of your religion... and u can't understand why people run from religion... why do you assume you are the chosen one grace, the false profit preacher ED can lead u straight to. not much of a change a from hood and sheet and burning crosses to a bible bully...

Saved by grace

There used to be a lady that everytime I would write a letter, she would come at me with both barrels. I respect her because she was intelligent and she always acted like a lady. When you decide to get rid of the third grade mentality maybe we can debatre


My position also, SbG. The Word of God warns us to "answer not a fool lest he become wise in his own conceit."

Saved by grace

Thanks ED

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