Did you know that our great city has its own Indy 500? Come for free and sit at the corner of Evergreen Terrace and Bierer Lane (above WMBS Radio Station).

We have four stop signs, to which 99% of vehicles zoom through at 2 to 50 mph, especially at "rush hour" – 5 to 6 p.m. The scariest times is when a bicycle flies down Bierer, crosses Evergreen and up to Route 40 without ever slowing down. 

I have informed the state and local police, but it has fallen on deaf ears. We can tell when "hospital visitors" are on our street; they almost stop. 

Our newest adventure is watching children at the top of Berkley Street play. They run out into the street and a 4-year-old lies in the middle of the road. Who needs TV?

It's just a matter of time until someone is hurt or killed.

Can anyone help?

Cindy Switalski


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