There was an article in the paper a while back about total births in the United States. It further stated that Americans are not having enough children to replace themselves.

She gave statistics concerning this issue and over all, she wrote a good article. What concerns me is what she said at the end of her article, "Americans can put low birthrates at the bottom of their worry list".

The decrease in the number of children per American Family is declining to the point where we should start being concerned.

There are reasons why this is happening, both parents are working towards a career, families are going to raising pets instead of children, instability in marriages, shorter marriages, more divorces and a lot of people are more concerned about materialistic things or being afraid of accepting the responsibility that comes with having children.

We need to start paying attention to this issue because while American families birthrate continues to decline, the families from other countries are increasing. Take time and check on how many cities in the United States where the population is controlled by other than American births. Also check and see how many cities are rapidly going in that direction. It's a problem.

What about the illegal immigrants that are entering our borders? There is no way of knowing how many children per family and how many children they are having once they enter our country. Remember, they are filtering into all areas of our country. The rate that they are entering our country is a serious problem.

We need to put a stop to the massive abortions and influx of illegal immigrants. If we do not stop this, they will become a greater concern for the declining birthrate of American families.

We all have been guilty of saying, that's way off in the future. We don't have to worry about this now.

That is what has happened to this country, we have put problems aside to the point where we are losing so many values that has made this nation a proud place to live. You may be right, it won't affect us, but what about our children and grandchildren. They don't deserve this.

God Bless Us

Gene Barnhart is a resident of McClellandtown.

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