Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, I was very disappointed in your response to U.S. Steel pulling out of the Mon Valley upgrade.

U.S. Steel made their billions off the backs of Pittsburgh men and women. Now, when they have a chance to bring jobs to a new generation, jobs that won't damage lungs, or have daily "accidents" and deaths, they drum up some ridiculous excuse to pull out of the town that made them famous.

My father and uncle traveled from Uniontown to Pittsburgh to work at Levinson Steel for five long years until a fabricating plant opened up in Uniontown. Through sleet, snow, and miserable Route 51, they were up at 4:30 to drive the 50 miles for the job of making steel. They went to work when they were sick, when there was a blizzard, when most men would have stayed home. And I assure you they weren't unusual.

Pittsburgh area men and women have a work ethic that is superior to anyone, and U.S. Steel benefitted from that. Now, they are turning their backs on the children and grandchildren of those hard-working men and women to "move down South" where the labor is cheap and the taxes are probably non-existent. To blame the environmentalists for their leaving is unconscionable.

Unless you're hoping U.S. Steel will throw us a bone, I believe they need to be called for what they are – opportunistic, ungrateful, and callous. I still support you and believe in you, but you missed the boat on this one, Mr. Fetterman. This hits close to home for many of us who watched our fathers and relatives and friends make Pittsburgh Steel king, only to have them turn their back on us.

Sharlene Lehman


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