As I recall, never in the half-century of my professional years did I ever earn $50,000 or more in any given year. Since I preferred to work in a rural setting, salaries were correspondingly "rural." I am now retired, but I have stumbled upon a way of augmenting my retirement income-maybe. Lately, I have heard a lot about a man named Hunter who has earned millions for being on the board of directors of the Buresma Gas Company in Ukraine.

Hunter is not Ukrainian, nor does he speak their language, and, as far as I can determine, knows little about natural gas; but, he "earned" $50,000 a MONTH (possibly as much as $83,000 monthly) just for being on their board. A wild guess about the reason for this odd state of affairs is that Hunter's last name is Biden (as in my daddy is Joe Biden, vice president of the United States). Here is my plan. Since my seventy-fifth birthday, I have become passingly familiar with gas-more so, I imagine, than young Hunter Biden. Since I, too, have a well-known name of no mean political importance (Clinton), I could also be receiving $50,000' a month for a figurehead position on the Buresma board.

Alas, I received no such offers from Buresma. Why not, pray tell? I might have received a call had my father been the active vice-president, and had I come to Ukraine with him on Air Force Two. By Jove, I think I sense skullduggery afoot. Truly, skullduggery is writ large all over the Biden brand, especially given that the VP was videotaped bragging about coercing Ukrainian authorities into quashing an investigation of Buresma, the gas company which was paying his son those thousands for little else than the use of his influential name. Then too, there is that photo of father, son, and at least one other Buresma board member playing golf together proof that both Bidens were in cahoots with the gas company, contrary to recent protestations from Joe Biden.

Must we turn a blind eye because Biden is running for President? What befuddles me is Democrat and media disinterest in Biden's self-admitted quid pro quo in the face of their feverish attempts to ferret out possible related infractions by the Trump administration. Note the contradiction in their hullabaloo over a phone call in which our president simply encouraged the Ukrainian president to investigate power and influence irregularities dangerous to the United States.

This is an innocent call into which the Resistance is frantically trying to force quid pro quo which does not exist. Witness testimony has been twisted to meet these ends. The bottom line is that Trump detractors are ignoring Biden's confessed quid pro quo while they launch snip hunts for Trump crimes. I close my eyes and see a dark vision ... blind Trump haters staggering about a darkened stage, their searching hands outstretched before them. They trip over Jo Biden, but ignoring him, arise and continue in their frenzied search, frantically grasping for anything that remotely resembles an impeach Trump offence. In short, they are searching for crimes to fit their object of hate. If this much vigor had been expended working together to solve real problems, all America's concerns would have been resolved-Congress could have adjourned for Christmas on the Fourth.

Should Congress somehow run out of broken things to fix, there are still real crimes to solve: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Clinton's private server and destroyed evidence, Harry Reid's lies about Mitt Romney's taxes, Adam Schiff's lies about having evidence of Trump collusion and possible lies about prior contact with the "whistleblower." If the House of Representatives

Detectives wishes to play gumshoe, why are they twisting like pretzels to create damning evidence about Trump instead of searching for hidden information about real crimes? Here is how it plays out. They have little chance of removing the President without true evidence, but they can falsely accuse (impeach) him. Even false accusations will besmirch President Trump's name in some people's minds, thus costing him votes in 2020. They did Brett Kavanaugh dirty and now they are playing their dirty games with Trump. Solution? Vote the dirty scoundrels out in 2020.

DeWitt Clinton is a resident of Dunbar.

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Great article!!


Very interesting article. I agree with you completely. However, the media will disagree since they have a blind eye to the truth.


Very good writing. That is so true "girls4"

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