It was mid-afternoon a couple of months ago when I pulled into the Five Corners intersection in Uniontown -- a sometimes precarious spot for motorists let alone people afoot. As my car came to a stop, I noticed a pair of pedestrians walking side by side touching arms.

One was a black fellow, mid 20s to early 30s, wearing a black bandana, a fatigued white tee shirt and droopy black jeans. He was cradling what seemed to be a six pack of beer under his arm, but it could have been any beverage package. He was slowly and patiently escorting an elderly white woman, mid to late 70s who was wearing a trench coat as the day was a bit blustery.

When they completed their trek through the intersection onto the Walgreens side of the street, he reversed and crossed back through the intersection obviously headed a different destination. I vaguely heard him reply to the lady something to the effect of "you're welcome," and they continued on their separate ways.

To this episode I will say no more, leaving it to your own interpretations, your own conclusion to a brief, simple and accurate account between two passers-by.

John A. Marcolini

Brownsville, PA

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