I have never golfed in my life.

My 4-year-old grandson Luke lives near a golf course. One of our favorite activities is walking through the woods searching for golf balls. Luke describes these golf balls as the ones hit by “bad golfers.” We have collected over 250 golf balls, with about 200 being white. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that bad golfers buy white golf balls, since that is the predominant color we find. If you want to be a great golfer, don’t buy white golf balls.

As failed as this logic is appears, we have people with “vaccine hesitancy” applying the same logic. First of all many “non-experts” are free with their opinions on social media or even in letters to the editor about the danger of these vaccines. It’s like getting golf advice from a 4-year-old.

One simple statement should convince everyone who is reluctant to get the COVID vaccine: “Since vaccinations began in mid-December 2020, the number of COVID-19 deaths in Long Term Care Facilities across all states in this analysis has declined by 89% as of April 2021” (kff.org).

Currently 30% of Pennsylvania is fully vaccinated. Minorities have the lowest percentage of vaccination; African Americans make up 11% of Pennsylvania’s population, but only 4% have been vaccinated. Vaccinations were purchased by the government for administration to the entire population of the United States. There is one available for you. Nickman’s Drug Store has vaccines available, through our website registration at www.nickmans.com.

Vaccines are safe, effective and benefit everyone, with minimal adverse effects. As a pharmacist who does nationwide presentations with at least 1,000 pharmacists listening, I can assure the data shows the safety and efficacy of all three products currently available. I am certainly more qualified to have an opinion on COVID vaccines than I am on golf.

Be well and get your vaccination!

Peter A. Kreckel, R.Ph.

Director of Clinical Services

Nickman's Drug, Lemont Furnace

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