I guess I'm tired of just about everything, so I'll just start with this. I'm tired of Congress and politicians collecting a paycheck for doing nothing except trying to impeach the president.

I'm tired of people voting for socialists and excusing it with nonsense like : "My grandfather was a Democrat. My father was a Democrat. And I'm voting Democrat." Of course, that could work with Republicans as well, but I've actually heard the above statement more than once. This, of course, is how we ended up with so many socialist in our government (voting a straight ticket). When you get those thoughts about your grandfather and father, who might have fought in WW II or Korea and Vietnam, ask yourself if they would like to see our country go socialist. Also, if they aren't voted out, the next thing you know they will take over our government and then our country. Then we can say "Good bye America." Use your own mind, and when you hear these presidential hopefuls spouting their socialistic nonsense, do not vote for them.

I' m tired of politicians blatantly lying to the public. Does anyone really believe that the border patrol has the detainees drinking out of toilets?

I'm tired of Congress hampering everything the president is trying to do for this country. The sad thing is, he can't do it alone. Seeing what he's done, can you imagine what he could accomplish if he had support from Congress? I hope that enough people will wake up a t the next election and give the President a Congress that will work with him. We all know that President Trump is rude and crude (just his personality). However, he is an American patriot. He is one hundred percent better than the Muslim that occupied the White House before him.

I'm tired of people denying the fact that former President Obama is a Muslim. Anyone who would do away with our National Day of Prayer and then have a Muslim Day of Prayer at the White House is definitely a Muslim. That, by the way, is only one of many clues that he is a Muslim. FYI, I spent several years in Muslim  countries. I even hunted with them, and never once thought they would shoot me and leave me in the field. Why? I obeyed their laws/rules and I didn't try to change their countries.

I'm tired of our politicians taking our Medicare funds and spending it on illegals. I 'm betting, if they didn't have the retirement system they have, they wouldn't be throwing that money away.

I 'm tired of hearing about minimum wage increases. Yes, it sounds great, but if you think about it with an increase in minimum wage, everything goes up -- gasoline, bread , taxes, and (of course) politicians salaries. You get your raise and go in the hole. If you're old enough  to remember the proposed "wage price freeze" of the 70s you should know what I mean. I was making about $8,000 a year then and living quite well. The proposal was shot down and everything has gone up every year since. Try living on $8,000 a year now.

I'm tired of people protesting and wan ting to tear down national monuments. This is especially true in our southern states. Everyone with a brain knows that slavery was wrong. However, these monuments are part of our history and the people that are protesting never spent one day in slavery. Not to mention that some of them are quite wealthy. Also, the protesters have taken to calling everything that was around in the days of slavery as racist. The "Betsy Ross" flag comes to mind. Betsy Ross had nothing to do with slavery. In my mind, those monuments should be preserved for the people that are protesting. They could look at them and say," This is the way it was, and look at us now."

I'm really tired of people disrespecting our flag . Every time I see someone walk on or burn that flag , I think of the people that I knew that died for it.

One last thing for parents and grandparent. We have to get religion back in this country. Take your children and grandchildren to worship (wherever you choose). If you h ave a bible, read Proverbs 22:6.

Now, I ' m just plain tired. May God bless America !

George Hutchinson


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Thank you George for a great article.


Well spoken, well spoken.

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