The death of a good friend prompted Xavier De Maistre to devote a small chapter in his book, A Journey Around my Room ( published in 1795), to eulogize the life of a close companion. Listen to some of his thoughts: they go from mourning to hope:

“(My friend’s) ...death has taken him away from me; it seized him at the very start of his career...To see him expire in my arms just as he seemed to be the very picture of health...Ah, I’ll never get over his loss!...But the dawn starts...the dark ideas ...evaporated with the night and hope is born again in my heart.”

“No, my friend has not entered non-being...the sight of the countryside...and a certain mysterious charm shed all around me , so elevate my thoughts than an invincible proof of immortality forces its way into my heart and occupies it wholly.”

Like De Maistre, we too would mourn the lose of a good friend, or a spouse, a child, mother, father, sister, brother.

But, would Donald Trump mourn for the loss of a good friend? Is he mourning for the ever increasing thousands of Americans now dying from the present virus, and who will die? Does he mourn for those unfortunate people throughout the world who are succumbing to the deadly effects of COVID-19?

I think he doesn’t care for the well-being of others. He is only concerned about himself. I think he lacks, and probably never acquired, that human emotion called empathy. I believe his consuming focus has been and is on himself and his political future since day one of his presidency. His words and actions prove just that. He is a master of deception and smugly stands erect among others, with no mask, as if he could address this killing virus: “I am immune to your deadly effects.” And recently, he claims to be taking the FDA non-approved drug hydroxycloroquin. He is sending a dangerous message to the public.

So who is the Angel of Death? Is it the coronavirus or something or someone else? I content he sits in the Oval Office and with his vice president and his administration and with no check on them from their party sycophants; and they all waited too long to control the present virus from spreading, like a wildfire and killing people throughout our country. Ultimately, the president, and he alone, as commander-in-chief, is responsible for over 90,000 American deaths. The buck stops at the Oval office. And those deaths could have been substantially less if the experts in medicine and science were listened to in the early months of this year.

So, mourn for your fellow Americans who should not have been victims of this bungled health crisis. And place the blame for this crisis where it belongs: The president.

Edwin Lefevre


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I "content" he is sitting in every governor's office that is ordering infected patients into long-term facilities with where they know that the elderly are more susceptible to a poor outcome if they are infected with this virus. Not to mention the latest, with the mentally-ill boxer that was put in a nursing home specifically because he had Covid-19, and then recorded himself punching a resident 50 times.


I agree! Trump is the most vile person to ever be in the white house. I agree! He and he alone is responsible for the almost 100,000 deaths. If he would have acted just a few weeks earlier, many people would still be living. Instead he acted like it was nothing and even called it a hoax. As you said, he cares for no one other than himself. Now he encourages social unrest with these protestors. He has blood on his hands. He killed these COVID victims as if he had shot them on Fifth Avenue like he said he could get away with before the election. I pray people wise up. I was going to say before it's too late, but it may already be too late. May God help us all and save us from this narcissus!

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