Six a.m. in the morning is not the best time to breakfast on the writings of William “Ed” Nicholson. His omelette offering in Thursday's Herald-Standard looked appetizing until he splashed onto it this dangerous hot sauce. “Secular Humanism" is the embodiment of this danger” (meaning, secular humanism alone is bereft of moral discipline, self-restraint, and virtue essential for self-government.) Really? I thought fear of arrest does a good job of keeping most people decent, self-controlled citizens.

Secular humanism cannot eradicate God from our culture, only God can eradicate God from our minds. It is God’s will that we renounce God, so that when we die we have to pay for our stupid secular sandwich feast.

As far as religion being banned from the secular market place, it is just the opposite of what Ed warns. There are no less than 30 television channels running “Jesus” ministry 24 hrs. a day. Of course, Ed doesn’t have his own channel, just a church, the Grace Baptist Chapel at Little Summit in Dunbar Township. And these 30 church channels account for billions of dollars sent in to support these ministers, their spouses, their secretaries, their mansions secluded in our nation’s outback. So Jesus and his army of anti-secularists are not complaining while they are gaining ground and will even reserve a grave site behind the outhouse for a nominal fee.

Ed stated that “from colonial times until early in the 20th century, all learning was universally religious.” The Bible being at the heart of the school curricula. Well, maybe in the parochial learning institutions, but how did we turn out so many doctors, nurses, lawyers, politicians, CPAs and engineers? Did Biblical learning teach men how to build bridges, tunnel through mountains, and cause the nation’s interstate road system?

 Then Ed blames one man for the lose of our Christian moral base. Horace Mann changed the goals of education, made mandatory attendance a law, while neutering Jesus. In other words, Jesus could father no children, and his divine bloodline ceased when he was crucified. But that happened way before the 20th Century. So what took so long to kill Ed’s God?

Well, I would have to blame God for taking Jesus and his ethics out of our lives. There is no one else to blame for eradicating every vestige of Christianity from our public schools and making “secularism” the new religion of our nation’s public school systems. And, Ed is correct when he says that “secularism” (which is another face worn by Satanism) is the current god, and is also a “very jealous god."

And just like the early Christian Church whose history is filled with attacking and burning at the stake any that their Inquisitors deemed as blasphemous, heretical or trifled with any of the priestly “beliefs” or political Pope mandates, so we now have Secularist priests acting in a similar jealous, defensive, arbitrary manner toward those who want Jesus returned to the schools.

It is the will of God that things are now secularized instead of being "Christianized." And one cannot go against the will of God.

I guess you all are going to have to find out for yourselves what is the truth about your relationship with God, cause the preachers have no clue, and the school teachers? Well, they are entirely out of court and useless when it comes to seeking answers that satisfy the soul.

But you have intelligence. And by using your intelligent will to watch and to witness what is going on all around you and watching your thoughts and emotions, remembering your reactions of attraction and repulsion, you will be helped as I was helped, and set free of Jesus and set free of the Public School System and its mental programming.

How do I know this? Because I am free as God is free; and God is indeed free. Or what’s a safe return back to God for, if not for freedom from all these false religious teachings and fake secularist systems?

S. Raymond Pohaski is a resident of Uniontown

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Second paragraph is wrong. God gave us free will and it is only humans that can eradicate God from our minds and lives. It also sounds like you do not have a very good out look of God.

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