I am a Professor Emeritus (Cal U) with 38 years experience. My specialty was infectious diseases. I just returned from Lowe's and found that the mask usage was noteworthy. Some wore masks but at least a third did not despite the admonitions on signs at the entrance.

But, what really bothers me is that people are wearing their masks UNDER their nose or in some cases, UNDER THEIR CHIN. They are in essence, not wearing masks at all. The virus' principle point of entry is the NOSE. So far, Fayette County has largely been spared the effects of the pandemic which is running rampant in more densely populated parts of the state and country. I credit Governor Wolf with limiting the spread from the eastern part of the state to the west. But, that is changing.

Many in Fayette downplayed the threat just as people in the South and Midwest did during the initial stages of the pandemic. Now, Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Florida are being pummeled after complacency by their governors in allowing their states to open unencumbered. Now, the case number in Fayette has risen in the past month. The number of infections in Fayette is still only 167 as of Thursday, but is slowly climbing. The number is also somewhat misleading because not everyone is tested and there are some false negatives associated with the tests.

So, in reality, I am guessing there is likely close to 800 infected within the county. Statewide, the mask compliance is 72.5 %, but I doubt it is that high here in Fayette. This is a team effort and when team members are not playing well, the team falters. Let's try to be a Top Ten Team. Wear your mask and wear it properly.

Tom Buckelew


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In just about every place that I have had to leave my home, Drug Store, Grocery Store, Gas station, I have seen people not wearing a mask at all. These rules are NOT being enforced by the Stores themselves.


Have any of the experts or mask-shaming police stopped to THINK long enough to consider that perhaps those people that you are complaining about not wearing a mask properly, or not wearing a mask at all, can't BREATHE with one, because they have an invisible disease such as asthma or some type of non-contagious lung disease such as IPF or COPD, through no fault of their own? Have they taken the time to read Section 3 of Dr. Levine's signed order, and considered that perhaps she is smarter than they are, and so she put that section in the order for a reason? No? I didn't think so. I never thought I would see the day when people with an invisible illness would be shamed and vilified by perfect strangers, but here we are. People who can't wear masks aren't asking for sympathy, just some common courtesy.

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