After reading all that "stuff;" competing for this year's "Wrongness Award," ya gotta be getting' sick of it. I know I am, but then I'm the kind of guy that can only take stupid stuff for so long. Eventually you reach that point where "ya had all ya can take and ya can't take no more."

You know what's weird about debates, or even full blown arguments? Some people refuse to hear their opposition. I dissect everything they've said. They get so caught up listening to themselves and thinking they're "on a roll," that they don't hear what the other guy's saying.

Sophists do that a lot. Do you know where to find the people who've mastered the art of sophistry?

In the zealot! Leftist-progressives and religious fanatics are zealots. If you disagree with a leftist-progressive, you' re a racist. If you disagree with religious fanatics, you're a godless atheist. Well, I got news for you, I disagree with them both, yet I'm neither. As a matter of fact, my most trusted friend accuses me of "over-thinking" things. It's that "Semper Paratus" motto that I subscribe to.

Now we know who a lot of these zealots are locally, but I'm the only guy who dares to call our one-trick ponies what we all know they are. Even the newspaper's powers that be are hip that we're hip. So they imported one from Harrisburg in the hope that we'll think: "Hmm, they even think like that in Harrisburg. Maybe there's something to what they're saying?"

There is something to what they're saying: "Wrongness!"

For example, there's the Editor-in-Chief of The Pennsylvania Capital-Star in Harrisburg, named John l. Micek. If you're an avid reader of the Op-Ed page of the Herald-Standard like I am, you know who I'm writing about. Unlike our local one-trick ponies and yours truly, from his picture he appears to be a youngster. Maybe he's a Generation X-er.

Whatever, there isn't gray hair on his head, but then his picture might be as dated as our local one-trick ponies pictures surely are. I suspect those "Maynard" looking glasses he wears are supposed to make us think that he's a whole lot smarter than the contents of his pieces demonstrate. I forgot more than he'll ever learn.

Back in November of 2016 (when Trump won his first election) Mr. Micek was so upset that the president wanted to postpone granting refugee status to people attempting to immigrate into the US from five terrorist hotbed countries; until they could be properly be vetted, he wrote a piece headlined: "You're not going to be killed by a refugee."

It's amazing how "stupid people" don't realize what they are. I took issue with his piece back then and responded with a piece headlined: "We must always prepare for the unexpected."

Well check this out: prior to Trump's presidency a family from Syria; one of those five terrorist hotbed countries, named "Alowemer" was granted refugee status. Somehow, this family managed to get to the front of the line for public housing at Northview Heights, just North of the Burgh.

The two parents and four kids moved into an apartment that poor American citizens were patiently waiting in a queue to get. Eighteen year old Mustafa (one of the kids) attended Brasheer High School and I understand after three years, graduated pretty high in his class.

Recently Mustafa was arrested by the FBI for plotting to bomb "The Legacy International Worship Center (a Christian Church)" north of the Burgh and planting a secondary bomb to "take out" first responders. He's reported to have idiotically posted his allegiance to the leader of Isis on social media. The feds finally got wind of him and during their long overdue investigation, or vetting, busted him before he planting bombs full of nails (I ain't telling ya about the chemicals) and kill a bunch of innocent Christian American citizens, because of his zealotry.

In my rebuttal to John L. Micek's naive piece from 2016, that you ain't gonna be killed by a refugee, I asked: What's he gonna do when someone is? Write a one-word column "Oops?"

To date, I haven't read a one-word "Oops" column by the smart guy who wears "lop" glasses. To date, I haven't read any admonitions to him; or an apology to us: by the media, for promoting such stupidity. I haven't even read a "thank you" to the feds in particular and law enforcement in general, for preventing another religious zealot's murderous atrocity, here in Western Pennsylvania.

Instead, I keep reading leftist-progressive propaganda written by people whose heads are buried deep in the sands of suicidal rhetoric. Law enforcement prevented this and have a "thank you" com in'. Since no one else seems to have the common sense to give it, I guess I will.

"Thank you ladies and gentlemen of law enforcement for keeping us safe from crazy zealots with the intent to do us harm."

In a metaphoric way, I realize I've just slapped a bunch of ice cold cheeks.

"Do I have yer attention now?"

John Lucas is a resident of Vanderbilt.

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Go, John. I love it.


Well said.

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