Watching some of the recent House impeachment hearings, with subpoenaed witnesses being asked what they had seen or heard, I had a few questions myself. Except mine are for President Trump and his Republican supporters in Congress.

Why is it that almost anyone who has been subpoenaed — not volunteered — to testify under oath as to what they witnessed is automatically a "Never Trumper?" Why would a diplomat or a senior adviser with decades of exemplary service and no record of political bias decide to lie, under penalty of perjury?

The GOP is for limited government and generally feels that the Federal bureaucracy is too large and inept. So if a “deep state” exists, how is it so well run and so well hidden that there are never any leaks or defectors from this secret organization? When and where are their meetings held in order to keep everyone following the same plan?

Why does Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) yell so much? Wouldn’t giving a calm, reasoned defense of what the president has been accused of be the logical way to present one’s case, rather than attacking the credibility of the witnesses mentioned above? Or is it that Congressman Jordan can find no reasonable defense?

One of the reasons Mr. Trump gave for holding up aid to Ukraine was his concern about corruption. How is it then that the word “corruption” never appears in the transcript of his July 25 call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky?

If there is some incontrovertible evidence or testimony proving Trump’s innocence in the Ukraine matter, would not the president have wanted to offer that early on to deflate the entire inquiry? Why won’t his lawyers permit administration officials to answer House subpoenas?

These are just some of the questions I have. But I don’t see any logical answers. Do you?

Bernard Quarrick


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there is no good reason Trumps defenders do not bring forward all those people that will testify in support of the president

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