We’ve all been guilty of “Wishful Thinking” -- interpreting facts according to what we would like to believe is true, while ignoring the harsh reality of our life’s circumstances. we have all been told that the United Nations was formed in order to create greater unity

Among nations, cultures and religions, as well as protecting humanity against its own record of the destruction of species and the protection of the natural environment, have we not?

Regardless of the harsh reality of the increase in divisiveness among nations, the “Wishful Thinker” in us believes in unity of races, cultures, and religious tolerance, ignoring the fact that here within the United States of America there is no factual examples of our nation trending toward unity. One example which receives a great deal of negative emotional stress is the divide in culture, language and religious practice between Anglicized, English speaking Americans and people’s arriving from below our southern border with Latin America who have increased in numbers to the point that we have two main languages, English and Spanish spoken and

Written for both cultures living side-by-side.

“Wishful Thinking” people believe that greater unity will come over time between these two major cultural groups, and the divisiveness will be transformed to a universal oneness of our two groups. This hope, this wishful thinking, is what has allowed this current social/economic/cultura cCrisis to arise and complicate our national identity: Are we an English-speaking nation or are we a Spanish-speaking nation? It appears we are two separate nations vying for control of our nation’s future direction. And as we compete for control of our national identity, there is more that divides us than unites us.

People who are under the delusional ideal of a United World Order are in the ascendancy. there are more liberal, one world, one people, one nation people who want peace at all cost, even if that means giving way to the increasing numbers of people coming to the United States from Latin America. And people who are living and interpreting what is happening to America according to the facts are against ignoring the harsh reality that we are only becoming more and more divided than ever before in the history of the United States largely due to the introduction into our nation people who refuse to adopt the English-speaking traditions that originally formed our European, English-speaking national identity.

Another divisive element that has been here since the beginning is the arrival, against their will, of the African slave heritage. So we have two major divisive elements, the Spanish-speaking element and the African element which, because they arrived here against their will to act as slave labor for the English/French speaking colonists, have never fully been accepted and given equal treatment, but have been segregated and kept from being fully unified with the English-speaking. Whites.

Of course, the “Wishful Thinkers” believe what is not true: They believe great progress has been and will continue to be made to unify both the Latin American culture and the Americanized-African into one Pan-American unified United States of America.

What do you believe? What do you want? Do you want to overcome the prejudices and blend into “browning” of our nation as whites, blacks, Latin Americans mix and form a strange new order of human being -- the Pan-Americanized African/Spanish-speaking brown/white English-speaking human being. That is what the “Wishful Thinkers” among us seem to mean if they really understand that such a nation will be entirely different from what it was from the beginning.

By ignoring the harsh reality that GOD created a world in conflict in order for human emotional suffering to be harvested from human lives, we will continue to allow “Wishful Thinking” to guide our politics, leading us into even more chaos and confusion of society in the United States. We must recognize that GOD’s plan for man is to never live in unity as one people, for that would reduce human misery, suffering and anguish. So you must live with the aim of escaping this world, and stop trying to change it to a peaceful, harmonious, loving one. You must hate this world and seek to rise above it, returning your true spirit essence back to the blissful realms, the spiritual realms from which you were sent in order for human suffering to fulfill GOD’s need for emotional distress to manifest in the lives of all races, all ethnic groups, all nations, all families, all communities and yes, even our small secularly-dominated schools and neighborhoods.

Give up all “Wishful Thinking” and concentrate your attention on returning to the best -- The Spirit in the Sky…. that’s where we wanna go when we die!

S. Raymond Pohaski


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