"The world has surely lost its head the news is full of crimes, with homicides in the 'Herald-Standard' and robberies in the 'Times.' And always more obituaries and even one of these, about the brutal murder of the media's Fake News disease."

OK, there wasn't much of an obituary until I decided to write it. The fake news reports about allegations of some conspiracy; by the Trump campaign, to collude with the Russians to alter the 2016 Presidential election is: "Dead and Stinkin'."

After a nearly two year inquisition and frittering away over $25 million, "they got nothing!" Millions of words have been written about a fantasy and a whole bunch of those words have been written right here on the op-ed page in the newspaper. Liberals, progressives, leftists and socialist Democrats managed to keep a pipe dream alive, because reality's just too real.

What's the one-trick pony supposed to do except use new words to say the same old thing? He's not the only one-trick pony in the' Herald-Standard, but he's the most frequent.

"Hell's fire, he owns Monday!" I make it expensive for him in a "regular guy" sort of way. Maybe they'll give him an award for "woken wrongfulness," but we all know it's just another politically correct participation trophy.

To sate our prurient interests, half of our "weakly" columnists went on and on about "Stormy Daniels" in a despicable attempt to damage the president and humiliate the first lady.

He claims some subterranean moral high ground? Not to be outdone, the other half of our "weakly" columnists; who owns Sunday, exploits pancreatic cancer by claiming to have seen a nude Alex Trebek? Without the "Jeopardy" star's illness, the op-ed would be ignored.

Well, I've seen "Stormy Daniels" naked and I wager to bet a lot of you have, too. "If voyeurism doesn't make sense in a straight sort of way, it's gotta be twisted!"

Now Democrat Congress-persons: Jarrold Nadler, Adam Schiff and "her wig's too tight" Maxine Waters might think this obituary's a bit premature, but they have more faith in their abilities to resurrect the dead that I give them credit for.

The question that puzzles me, but they keep avoiding is: "How could President Trump obstruct justice; when there's no justice to obstruct, investigating the wrong candidate?"

Neither: Trump or his campaign, colluded with the Russians to alter the results of that election. The Clinton campaign, DNC and a mysterious "deep state" paid for and conspired with British spy Christopher Steele, who colluded with the Russians to create a crude, vulgar and unsubstantiated dossier.

Then the Obama Administration's Justice Department used it to gain FISA warrants to spy on and persecute with "perjury traps" Trump's campaign in their failed attempt to steal the 2016 Presidential election.

In the event that you were dumb to that, you aren't anymore. If you were stupid, chances are you still are. You can fix "dumb," but ya can't fix "stupid."

You see, there's this competition to win the hearts and minds of ridge-runners, hillbillies and quasi-urban residents of "Fayette-nam." It's even expanded into the Mon Valley, reaching down by the river and that's a good thing. Obvious to all but the clueless, the newspaper has a leftist-progressive slant, but it ain 't the 1960s and '70s anymore. We've been there, we've done that. I own the T-shirt, but you learn from your mistakes, or you keep making 'em.

Leftist-progressives want to fundamentally change the United States of America into something else, but we fail to recognize what that "something else" is. Government will be omnipotent? It hasn't worked anywhere else. What makes you think it'll work here?

Even in this embryonic stage of their fundamental change, "hate crime" laws herald in a myriad of "thought crimes." Who would have ever imagined that in addition to the criminality of some things we might do, some things we might think could also be consider a crime? This is because our colleges and university are steeped in leftist-progressive professors.

We allow elitist educators to teach our children what to think? Back in the early 1970s at the height of the anti-Vietnam War movement, I played that radical game. I knew all the rhetoric and student revolutionaries like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, but realizing it was a youthful phase, moved on. They didn't. Bill Ayers became a professor at the University of Chicago to indoctrinate students and advise a community organizer with a failed theory. You can believe he's not the only one. Nobody else would hire educated idiots?

Achieving wealth is one thing, but it doesn't compare to acquiring power. The idea is to bring about tyranny under the guise of enlightenment. Christianity is under constant attack from the enlightened and when our self-promoting preachers sound like a pharisee, atheism and agnosticism are bound to succeed. Just count their congregations now and compare that tally with the totals they had before leftist-progressive radicals started teaching our kids.

Faith in our God and "free will" is anathema to belief in the tyranny of over-governing. Government has so many laws, rules and regulations nobody even knows what they all are.

"The Judeo-Christian God only needed ten!"

John Lucas is a resident of Vanderbilt.

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Thank you John for your excellent article. I will not read any articles in this paper written by A Democrat since they are totally biased. Ever since the last election, the Media has been writing disgusting fake news about the President of The United States.


the Special Counsel's report is a breathtaking account of criminal misconduct and unethical behavior, and the American people should be outraged.

It details repeated contacts between President Trump's campaign and agents of the Russian government, where his campaign not only welcomed illegal acts by the Russians that could be used to their political advantage, but also encouraged them.

The report is clear: After the Trump campaign sold out our democracy by welcoming Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, the president tried to obstruct the investigation by lying to the American people and asking others to lie for him. He tried repeatedly to fire the Special Counsel, and was only thwarted when his staff refused to carry out his orders.

But instead of standing up for the rule of law and holding the president accountable, Attorney General Barr acted as a spokesperson for the president and downplayed the facts to protect his boss. This is a shameful betrayal of his oath of office, our Constitution and the American people. untpyhooya..... turn of fox no news.. sfb..

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