About a month ago, a whale washed up on a beach in Nova Scotia. Inside its stomach, they found over 90 pounds of plastic. The death of the whale, according to marine biologists, was starvation. This was not the first whale to die of starvation or the last. Whales, seals, walrus, tortoises, dolphins and a vast number of fish and sea birds starve to death each day.

On a small island near Cape Verde, there is a sanctuary for sea birds. Just three years ago, there were over three million birds that nested on this small island. This year, there were just a little more than half a million nesting birds. The nesting birds that died while on the island were found to have large amounts of plastic in their stomachs.

There are five major patches of plastic floating in the world oceans. The largest is about the size of Texas. Each day, tons of plastic is poured into rivers and streams that end up in the oceans. All this is common knowledge, and I realize there is little we as individuals can do about it. Damage to our ecosystem has been done, and will continue to get worse because, like myself, few people are exposed to this killing of our oceans. My family and thousands of other families across America recycle and have for years. I do not buy bottled water or soda in plastic.

Today at Giant Eagle, a young woman with two small children was checking out ahead of me. This young woman had brought her own cloth bags and refused the plastic store bags. As so many women around the world do, she was protecting her children. Wanting them to have an opportunity, to grow up and live in a cleaner world where the footprint of god is the only footprint we need.

My Republican and Democrat friends all agree something must be done to leave the world God entrusted to us a better place for our children to grow in. We acknowledge there is a difference of opinion on how to proceed.

To me the problem lies with the fascist oligarchs that control the Republican Party. For the fascist oligarchs the solution is clear:

(1) Keep saying there is no problem

(2) Abolish the EPA.

Some corporations do not want any regulations. Those corporations believe it is their right to profit at any cost without government interference.

The top 1% tell us government regulations that restrict corporations from emitting poisonous gasses into the air, pouring waste products, life threatening chemicals, mine sludge and factory waste onto the soil or into our rivers are burdensome and unnecessary. The top 1% tell us government oversight is needless interference. The top 1% argues that regulations and oversight hurt profits, cost money and serve no useful purpose.

As of June 11 2019, Donald Trump has nominated and had confirmed 112 federal judges. All these new federal judges have been handpicked from corporate law firms. All of these new corporate picked judges are anti-labor and anti-environment. Some have no court room experience. They were not nominated because of their experience as public defenders, district attorneys, or federal prosecutors. None were elected by voters to state or local courts. They were put into the office of federal judge because of their sworn allegiance to certain corporations.

The top 1% and multinational corporations were given a $1.5 trillion tax cut at the beginning of Trumps rein. Now, Donald Trump has rigged our federal courts. What did "We the People" and our planet get?

James Sloan is a resident of Hopwood.

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Well-stated, James.


So its President Trump's fault that there are slobs that live is this country and just dump their trash anywhere and it ends up in the rivers?

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