Do you think that Warren Buffet or Bill Gates or the other super-wealthy men are as hesitant to let go when they make an error in judgement as the ordinary man? The way of the rich should be our way -- if they make a mistake, they can afford to forget about it, move on and take pleasure in the wonderful abundant material wealth that they have under their control.

Now, is not the President of these United States of America such a man, a man who controls personal fortune so vast that should he make a mistake with one of his investments or one of his real estate development projects he i as not going to stress and fret and allow that error to cause his mind to lose its confidence? I think we have made a mistake by putting a super-rich man into the highest office, because he does not suffer from his mistakes like you and I suffer when we mess up and make a wrong choice. Therefore, his mind is different than the minds of the majority of people who live in and call the United States of America home.

And that difference is palpable, you can feel how different we all are from the Buffets and the Bill Gates and the Trumps. Not only can you feel it, you feel it as a sinking feeling of nausea, you want to puke when you realize that President Trump does not care about screwing up the livelihoods of ordinary people like you and I. His control of huge wealth acts as armor behind which he is safe forever, or a wall behind which he can seek safety, even as the walls of our puny little working class walls are blown down by hurricanes and tornadoes or washed away by flood.

He can afford to let you go under if the stock market destroys your 401K portfolio, because buffet and Gates and Trump and those like them have the good fortune to be immune to the winds of destruction that destroy our security, our jobs, our well being and future prosperity.

Of course, we should have never allowed a man so disconnected from the reality of ordinary people to take control of the government of the United States of America. Big mistake.

Now! What are we going to do about it? We are going to vote him out of the Republican primary and choose another man, a man like John Kasich who is not super-rich, and who has just enough wealth to appreciate a general feeling of self-confidence, while still identifying with his McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania beginnings as the son of a man who delivered his neighbor’s mail from home to home.

And if not John Kasich, then someone who is not in the game holding all the highest cards.

Someone whose future depends upon the good fortune of the rest of us, who knows that if he makes a mistake in judgement it is “game over” not only for ordinary people, but “game over’' for himself and his family; which is not the same outcome should Donald Trump make a grave mistake. If “The Donald” screws up the economy, you got it? He is still going to be one of the best off humans on the planet.

So what is wrong with this picture, people? What is wrong with this picture is that you have the morality and mentality of the slave. You only imagine you are living in the greatest nation on Earth. The greatest nation on Earth has been stolen by the rich and powerful and not only are you a slave doing the bidding of your super-rich masters, you are also sound asleep. You can only dream when you are asleep. When a slave sleeps he dreams of becoming free of debt like the super-rich are free of worry over debt.

So keep sleeping. Keep dreaming. Because as long as you sleep and dream you will have no choice but to do as you are told to do, go where the jobs are, never setting down roots and becoming free of debt, always anxious that your little bank accounts will be ravaged by medical bills, wanting to escape the pain of it all even if that means killing yourselves.

Such is the life of the stupid, sleeping, daydreaming slaves who voted for the wrong kind of man to lead our once-great, but dying nation.

S. Raymond Pohaski is a resident of Uniontown

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My family is doing much better under this president than past presidents other than Reagan. We are not rich as the people you stated but we are doing good with our 401k's, owning a nice home and such. I would not to live in any other country. I only see that the democratic party want to tear down this great country and make it into a 3rd world country ran by socialist ideas, which do not work and has never worked.

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